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How to Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character that is relax

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character That Is Relax

Learn to draw a cartoon fishing character that is relaxing and enjoying the moment! Fishing is a nice sport when you wish to do something quiet or different. It's not a technical sport like golf or hockey, but it does have its moments.

You can enjoy this sport anywhere (well, it all depends on the laws and seasons) and it's the perfect sport to help you get away from your everyday life. This cartoon character is aware of this fact and I bet that even if he doesn't catch a fish, he will be back soon to take advantage of another quiet moment near the water. :)

Drawing the head first

Let's start this lesson by creating the head of the character. First, add an oval shape to form the silhouette of the head. Notice how the top of the head is flat, but the chin is pointed. Next, draw two large eyes using perfect oval shapes. Ears are made from smaller circles. Make sure you leave some space below the head and on the left of the illustration. We will need this extra space to sketch the body and the fishing rod.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

Working on the body using basic shapes

Next, let's use basic shapes to form the silhouette of the character. Start by adding the torso using a few straight lines. Both arms are made from irregular shapes. The hands are not visible since they are located behind the head. Notice the angle of the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

adding more basic shapes to illustrate the legs

It's time to draw more basic shapes to form the legs of the cartoon fishing character. For this step, only rectangles are used. Once again, notice the particular posture of the character. Don't forget that our subject is relaxing near a river, so it's important to depict this emotion through his posture.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

Polishing the character using smooth lines

Let's use all shapes created so far to polish the character. You can start by drawing the torso and the arms using nice curved lines. Once this is done, you can also sketch the hair using tons of small short lines. It's now a perfect haircut, but it's visually amusing! :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

working on the legs and the shoes

Now that the upper part of the body is created, let's put our attention on the lower part. Once again, you will need to use perfect curved lines to illustrate this part of the body. The posture is really important.

Draw both legs using this long curved lines. The left leg of the character is bent and the knee is visible. Shoes are also made from small curved lines and both soles are done using thinner lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

adding more details inside the head

Eyelids are made from small curved lines. You can also sketch tiny pupils using small dots. The nose and the mouth are made from small curved lines. Finally, you can add a few smaller lines inside the shirt. This will increase the level of realism (a little bit). Cool! We are almost done drawing this cute cartoon fishing character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

drawing a nice fishing rod

On the right side of our subject, you can draw a thin fishing rod using long curved lines. This is not a real fishing rod, but rather a stick with a simple rope attached to it. It might not be the proper tool to go fishing, but when you main goal is to relax ... ;)

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

filling the cartoon Fishing character with plain colors

Let's bring this character to life with the addition of plain colors. For this lesson, the shirt is colored in green. The shoes, the hair, the pants and the fishing rod are all filled with various brown colors. Notice how the soles are darker than the shoes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

using gradients to create more depth and volume

If you are using a vector application to draw this fun character, then adding gradients can easily be done. Of course, this simple effect can also be done using any other tools. As you can see below, all shapes are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top. It's a simple technique that can be used to add more depth and volume to the illustration.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fishing Character

I hope you had fun sketching and drawing this fun character. More cool athletes from this site are available below. Have fun drawing and keep sketching on a daily basis if you want to improve your skills quickly and effectively. Enjoy! :)

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