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How to Draw A Cartoon Fish using rectangles and triangles

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish Using Rectangles And Triangles

Learning to draw a cartoon fish can easily be done using smooth shapes, but could we do it using rectangles and squares? That's the purpose of this basic lesson featuring this fun animal made from simple sharp shapes. Using all six steps below, you will have the opportunity to create a fun character that can easily be duplicated.

Fish are probably one of the first animal we learn to illustrate as a kid. Simply draw a sketch a large oval shape and a triangle and you are almost done. All you need to do is add eyes, a basic pattern and a few fins. Let's see how we can learn to create a new version of this iconic animal using different shapes.

let's start with a simple rectangle

Remember that we are working with a cartoon version of this animal, so it's ok if proportions are not always accurate. Sometimes, it can be fun to exaggerate some parts to create a funnier character. For this cartoon fish, let's begin with the head using a large rectangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

working on the body of the cartoon fish

Next, draw a large triangle on the right side of the animal. This shape is used to represent the body of the fish. Like I said in the previous step, it's normal if the head seems large. That's the kind of effect that we want for this lesson.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

drawing the back fin using more triangles

The back fin is made from another triangle, but this time the shape can be slightly smaller. Don't forget that curved lines are not used for this character. Our challenge is still to draw a cute character using only straight lines and sharp shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

adding more fins

Tiny fins are added on top and near the bottom of the cartoon fish. As you can see below, the fin on top is a little bit larger than the one found on the bottom. Great! We are almost done with this character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

sketching a funny facial expression

Inside the head, you can draw the pupil using a simple dot. The mouth is made from a long broken line. For this character, these facial features were added near the bottom of the head. Great! We are done sketching and drawing the fish. It's now time to play with colors!

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

using gradients to create more depth and volume

I love using gradients inside simple characters. It's the easiest technique you can use to create more depth and volume. Notice how all parts of the character are now darker in some areas.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute animal. Don't forget that you can also draw more versions using various patterns and colors. Not all fish are similar, so don't hesitate to unleash your creativity. If you are looking for more challenging fish to work with, then you can try some of the examples below. Enjoy! :)

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