How to Draw Cartoon Fireworks loaded with colors

Drawing cartoon fireworks doesn't require to be talented using a pencil. You just need to know how to use miscellaneous effects like transparency and gradient filling. Of course, using a vector software to achieve a greater result is highly recommended. Just pay attention to each step to make sure that you understand exactly what is happening. You'll see that this tutorial is not as hard as it seems.

You can also use other shapes or colors to create your fireworks. Feel free to experiment and don't be afraid to create an image filled with original explosions and effects. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and don't be afraid to navigate through the site to learn how to draw other great cartoon characters and images.

drawing the object using simple shapes

First, draw the fireworks itself using a few basic shapes. The object is basically a big arrow with large stripes. Notice how the object is also placed using a small angle. The body is not perfectly straight. This one was sketched using simple curved lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

adding plain colors to the illustration

Next, add a deep black color in the background of your illustration. Inside the object, you can also add plain colors. This one is mainly colored in white and red. Nice work! It's time to add some effects to these fun cartoon fireworks! :)

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

drawing colorful curved lines around the point of impact

This fireworks will explode ... eventually. Let's depict this fact by drawing a few curved lines ahead of the main object. You can use a bright pink color for these additional lines. Under the fireworks, you can also add some hot flames using another bright triangular shape. Great job! This lesson is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

adding more effects inside the image

Below the fireworks, you can draw smoke using a simple gray shape made from several curved lines. Near the point of impact, two pink shapes are drawn as shown in the picture below.

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

adding some stars to improve the effects from this lesson

Around the scene, draw a few stars made from various sizes. These new elements can be colored in yellow. It's important to draw just enough stars to create a nice background, but not too much to make the image easy to read.

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

It's time to add some cool digital effects

Inside the fireworks, draw some gradients to create more depth. You can see in the illustration below that the left side of the object is slightly darker than the right side. Applying transparency to the fire below the object is also a good idea.

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

more transparency to add some realism to the scene

In this step, both pink circles added near the point of impact are now partially transparent on the edges. The explosion is visually more convincing now! Great job! We are almost done drawing fun cartoon fireworks using this basic step-by-step lesson.

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

some final effects to complete this tutorial

The pink lines drawn around the circles are now partially transparent. The smoke below the object is also partially transparent to make the drawing visually more interesting.

How To Draw Cartoon Fireworks Loaded With Colors

I hope you had fun working with this fun lesson. More cute objects can be drawn below. Have fun and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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