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How to draw a cartoon fairy with a fun dress

How to draw a cartoon fairy

Learn how to illustrate a cartoon fairy in minutes using this easy step-by-step video tutorial. You will also have access to a written version of this lesson featuring a few additional useful tips. Fairies are cute fictional characters that are fun to draw.

It's easy to get creative with all the possible dresses, postures, hairstyles and accessories that can be added. In order to make this tutorial accessible to everyone, let's work on a simple character made from basic shapes.

drawing this cartoon fairy using a simple video

The short video below shows how this cartoon fairy was created. First, you will learn how to sketch a basic template to create proportions as well as the posture. Then, I will show you how to draw the character using mostly short curved lines. Finally, plain colors are added to complete this simple tutorial. Need more information? Simply scroll down for the written version of this lesson ...

how to draw a fairy in just four easy steps

We begin with the creation of a basic template used to adjust all proportions and create a realistic posture. For this step, only basic shapes like circles and rectangles are needed. You can see below how the arms and the hands are placed. Hair and ears are also visible.

How to draw a cartoon fairy

Now that we have something to work with, let's draw the character using thick lines. Eyes are made from small oval shapes while the mouth is created with a large curved line. A basic pattern is also added on the dress of the creature. Don't forget to draw a short magical stick on the right hand of the fairy.

How to draw a cartoon fairy

This is the character once the template created earlier is removed. Notice that all lines are black except for the ones used to illustrate all four wings. By selecting a different color for this part of the body, most elements in front (like the arms and hands) will be easier to read.

How to draw a cartoon fairy

It's now time to add colors! For this example, a bright purple color is added inside the dress. The same colors are used for the stick. The eyes are blue while hair is orange. A light blue color is used for all wings. That's it for this part of the tutorial! :)

How to draw a cartoon fairy

drawing more fairies ...

Below you can see all steps required to draw this cartoon fairy quickly and easily.

How to draw a cartoon fairy

Do you want to try more cute fairies like this one? Great! You can start by working with a flying version filled with basic color effects. If you want to try something original, then why not work on a version made from squares? Finally, this third fairy made from circular shapes is also available. Have fun drawing more creatures like this one and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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