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How to Draw A Cartoon Elephant from rectangles and squares

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

Learning to draw a cartoon elephant from squares and rectangles can easily be done using this simple lesson. This is the perfect tutorial for beginners! The level of difficulty is quite low and everyone can draw this fun character with a little practice.

Since elephants are massive animals, using large rectangles to create this illustration is quite logical. Sure, it can be fun to draw this subject using circles and curved lines, but this is a fun exercise too. Using unusual shapes can help you get more creative and try new things.

Ready? Let's start this lesson now ...

adding our first shapes to create the silhouette

You can start this tutorial by drawing a large rectangle to form the body. The shape must be drawn horizontally. Next, add a simple head using a thinner rectangle. This time, the object is sketched vertically. Notice how the head is slightly higher and located on the left of the body. Nice work! The silhouette of the elephant is slowly being created.

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

drawing more shapes to represent the legs and ears

It's time to draw more fun rectangles to build our subject. On both sides of the head, draw thin rectangles to illustrate the ears. Both ears are aligned with the top of the head, but are shorter than this one. On the bottom of the character, sketched two legs using thick squares.

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

working on the trunk and the additional legs

More legs are needed on the bottom of the body. This time, the shapes are slightly higher to create a basic perspective. Continue drawing our cartoon elephant by working on the trunk. This one is done using two small rectangles. One is placed horizontally and the second one must be vertical.

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

Polishing the drawing

It's nice to draw a few basic shapes to create a cool elephant, but some of these elements must be assembled together if we want to end up with an adorable character. First, make sure that the trunk is part of the head using a long broken line. You can repeat the same process for the legs on the front of the illustration and the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

adding more details to the cartoon elephant

Nice work! We are almost done with this lesson. Indeed, only two small steps are needed to complete this fun drawing. First, you can add both eyes using small dots inside the head.

Next, small nails made from short curved lines are added on the feet. A total of ten nails can be seen (two of them are hidden behind the front legs). Finally, complete this step by sketching a simple tail make from a short broken line.

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

it's time to add some colors to the character

A colorful illustration is usually more appealing than a simple black and white version. In this case, we can probably say that we need to create a gray version of the animal. Indeed, all parts of the body are filled with a light gray color. Gradients are used to create some depth. Only the nails are white. For the eyes, a black color can be used.

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

Cool! This tutorial on how to draw a lovely cartoon elephant is now completed. If you need more help illustrating this fun character, then you can use the image found below. This one contains all the steps needed to draw this fun animal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

Now that we are done with this elephant, you can try more similar lessons from this site below. Have fun creating and remember to practice on a daily basis. :)

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