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How to Draw A Cartoon Eagle with a nice appearance

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a cartoon eagle using mostly basic shapes and gradients. You will also have the opportunity to study this character carefully using a real photography and a basic template made from circles, rectangles and oval shapes.

All you need to create this prestigious bird in just a few steps can be found here.

Yes, eagles are agile birds that have an extraordinary vision. In fact, they can see from a couple of miles. Some eagles are strong enough to kill a young, but still large animal like a deer.

t's also fun to note that both males and females will help build the nest. You can start this tutorial by taking a look at the video below. Once you are done, simply proceed with the next step.

Let's study our subject using a real picture!

Before we start drawing our eagle, let's analyze what this magnificent animal is made of. Eagles have a long solid beak (1) and a strong neck (2). Watch how the head is a little flat on top. Eyes are small and colored in yellow. They also have long wings (3) and a firm tail (4). Unlike many birds, eagles have some strong feet (5) so that they can grab there prey more easily. The head of the subject is white while the body is mostly black and gray.

How To Draw A Cartoon Eagle

Working with basic shapes to analyze the posture

The first thing we can see when looking at the shape of the eagle is how this bird seems strong and agile. The neck is really large and the body is made of a sharp rectangle. The beak is also impressive!

The tail is large and not very long. Notice how there is a good distance between the feet. The head is made from a small oval shape and the eye using a dot. Both wings are represented by thin oval shapes that are slightly pointed near the end.

How To Draw A Cartoon Eagle

drawing a cartoon eagle using basic shapes

Excellent! Let's begin this lesson by creating the head using an irregular rectangle. The beak is made from another small rectangle and a tiny triangle. You can work on the body using broken lines. The wing is made from a large curved line.

Once all these shapes are created, joined them together and use smooth lines to form the silhouette. Next, draw tiny feet and fingers using very short curved lines. You can draw an eye using a narrow shape and add colors using gradients. Nice work! This cartoon eagle definitely looks amazing.

How To Draw A Cartoon Eagle

More fun characters to work with

More fun eagles can be drawn using a few examples found below. The first one is similar to the character we have used for this lesson. The second is interesting because of the posture of the subject. Both wings are wide open and the animal seems ready to attack.

Animal number three is done using a large head and beak. The contrast with the body is exaggerated, but it's still nice. The last three birds are mostly made from circles and rectangles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Eagle

I hope you had fun learning to draw this simple cartoon eagle. Practice as often as possible and feel free to try all three characters below. :)

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