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How to Draw A Cartoon Dracula with a fun posture

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula With A Fun Posture

This drawing lesson will help you learn to draw a cartoon Dracula! This mythic character born in 1897 in the mind of Bram stoker is probably the most famous villain in the history of Hollywood.

And one of the actors who is directly associated with this character is certainly Sir Christopher Lee (Count Dooku from the new Star Wars trilogy and Saruman from the Lord of the rings trilogy). Let's start our lesson on Dracula right now!

Step 1

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

First, sketch a large rectangle to form the head of Dracula. Next, add two small oval shapes to represent the ears of this dark character. Notice that both ears are near the bottom of the rectangle.

Step 2

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

Continue your artwork by drawing two rectangles to create the eyes. Like you can see on the image above, the eyes are slightly higher than the ears.

Add two triangles on each side of the neck to illustrate the collar of the suit. You can add a rectangle below the head to close the top part of the suit.

Step 3

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

The body of Dracula is hidden under the cape of the suit. Draw this cape by sketching a large rectangle. Make the top of the suit narrower. To illustrate the feet, just sketch a rectangle for the ankle and a larger one for the feet itself.

Step 4

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

Now it's time to work on the outline of our bloodsucking friend. Since this character is mad and dangerous, this negative attitude should be visible through his eyes. Draw them using half circles. 

For the hair, don't forget to sketch this part of the body with a small twist. Just draw the hair on the forehead in the shape similar to the letter "m".

Step 5

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

For the suit, use some curved lines and make sure the collar is narrower and pointed. Since this character is drawn with his arms crossed, add a little curve under the collar to suggest the presence of the elbows.

Step 6

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

Finally, work on the legs and the feet. When you are finished, draw the hands of Dracula like shown above.

Step 7

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

Add some details like the pupils, the nose, the mouth and the teeth.

Step 8

How To Draw A Cartoon Dracula

Just make the whole character black and grey and you are done! You can color the eyes in red to make him look even more dangerous and hungry! Don't forget to leave the skin white for a greater Gothic look! So there you have it! 

A nice and frightening cartoon Dracula ready to suck some blood and charm the ladies! I hope you had fun drawing this dark creature and don't forget to practice as much as possible!

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