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Drawing A Cartoon Door easily using basic shapes

Drawing A Cartoon Door Easily Using Basic Shapes

Learning to draw a cartoon door might not be the most exciting thing to do. However, this simple object can be found in various backgrounds and drawings if you are making comic strips or basic illustrations. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a simple door filled with basic effects.

Adding all lights and shadows might be a little bit harder if you don't own a vector software, but with a good set of pencils and lots of perseverance, it certainly can be done. Don't hesitate to customize your door to create new patterns on it. Possibilities are endless and doors can have thousands of different appearances. Ready? Let's start this tutorial now. :)

Using several squares and rectangles to create the object

First, you can use a large rectangle to form the main frame of the object. In this case, I have used a ratio of 2:1. A real door will be closer to 3:1. Since this is a cartoon illustration, feel free to cheat a little bit if you want to. As long as the door fits with the characters you are creating, everything will be fine. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Door

Next, we can add a thin border inside the original shape. To do so, simply sketch another rectangle inside the first one. Just make sure the border in the same width on all four sides.

How To Draw A Cartoon Door

Inside the cartoon door, you can also draw a window. Some doors don't have windows, so in this case you can replace the window with basic patterns. For this tutorial, let's draw rectangles (not quite squares) to represent the window. Two shapes can be added to form another small border on the sides of the window.

How To Draw A Cartoon Door

You can use a small circular shape to create the handle. Inside the window, a thin frame made from two narrow rectangles can be added. One rectangle must be horizontal and the second one vertical.

How To Draw A Cartoon Door

adding colors and basic effects inside the cartoon door

This simple object can be filled with basic colors. For the windows, a saturated blue color is needed. All the borders can be gray, just like the handle. These colors are nice, but we can definitely add some effects like shadows and reflections to create a more appealing object.

How To Draw A Cartoon Door

To do so, you can start by adding gradients inside the main shape. Notice how the bottom of the door (see the image below) is now brighter on top and darker near the bottom. The same technique was used inside the window and the handle. Small reflections made from white shapes were also added inside all four windows.

How To Draw A Cartoon Door

Great work! Now that we are done sketching this simple door, feel free to try more fun lessons from this site below. Practicing is the key to success so don't hesitate to draw as much as possible. :)

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