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How to Draw A Cartoon Dolphin in six easy steps

Drawing a simple cartoon dolphin can easily be done using basic shapes and lines. Fortunately, that's exactly the purpose of this tutorial. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn more about this great animal, but you will also have the chance to study the anatomy of the subject.

There are few fun facts that we can learn before proceeding with all steps below. Did you know that dolphins can eat up to 25 pounds of fish every day? That's an impressive number! These amazing creatures are also able to swim their way through the sea using a complex echolocation mechanism. That's useful to stay away from its main predator : the shark!

Let's study this fun animal using a real picture

Dolphins are a little bit more than just larger fish. The anatomy of this animal is fascinating and simple at the same time. The mouth of the subject is long, thin and slightly pointed near the end (2). On their back, a long fin shaped like a triangle is visible (1).

Two additional fins can be seen on both sides of the dolphin. The body is not always perfectly shaped (4). A small junction can be seen between the tail and the body. Finally, fins are also visible on the tail (5), but these are large and thick.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dolphin

analyzing the shape of the character

Our little cartoon dolphin is mostly made from basic shapes as shown in the illustration below. First, the body is done using long curved lines. Both ends (near the head and the tail) are much narrower than in the middle.

The back fin can be done from a large triangle. Smaller fins are done using irregular rectangles. Another small rectangle can be used to form the mouth. Notice how the tail is done using diamonds. Eyes are created from small dots.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dolphin

it's time to draw the cartoon dolphin in six easy steps

Now that we have analyzed the cartoon dolphin using a real picture and a simple template made from basic shapes, let's draw this one. You can start by sketching the body using long curved lines. This is the most challenging part to get right, so study the silhouette carefully and take all the time you need.

Next, draw the back fin as well as the front ones using short triangles. More triangles are needed for the tail. Make sure the end of all shapes is pointed and sharp. The mouth is done using a long line. A simple oval shape can be used to illustrate the eye. Add colors and don't forget to create a white patch inside the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dolphin

more cool dolphins for you to enjoy!

More dolphins can be drawn if you want to try something different. The first one is displayed using a similar posture, but the eyes are larger and visually more appealing. The second one is larger and the top of the head is flat. Number three is amusing because of its large mouth. The fact that both fins on the side are tiny is also amusing.

The last three characters are similar, but with a few simple differences. For instance, the head of the sixth one is done using two separate curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dolphin

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a cute cartoon dolphin using all the tips found above. If you like to draw this intelligent animal, then feel free to try all lessons located below. More tips and techniques can be found in these exciting tutorials. :)

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