How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

Learn how to create a fun cartoon doll made with cute shapes and bright colors! In this complex drawing tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple illustration of a doll using simple shapes and lines. However, adding the effects to create depth and volume demands a little bit more work.

It would be a good idea to create this picture using a vector software. You can use pencils to draw this cartoon character, but the result will be tougher to achieved. Ready? Let's draw! :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

Step 1

First, draw the character using simple basic shapes and lines. As you can see on the illustration below, outlines are already filled with colors. Don't worry! You can always modify these colors later in the tutorial. Remember to draw some details like the stitches on the mouth and the lines inside the hair.

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

Step 2

Next, add plain colors on the cartoon character. The hair can be brown, the eyes black, the shirt pink and the dress blue. Of course, you can use your own set of colors if you prefer. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

Step 3

Cool! It's now time to add some effects on the cartoon character. First, select the gradient fill tool from your application and add a second color on each shape of the image. For each shape, select a darker version of the color already used to fill this one. Darker colors are mostly located on the bottom of each shape. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

Step 4

It's now time to add even more volume to this adorable doll! Basically, we need to draw new darker shapes that are located on areas that are far from the light source (which should be on top and on the right of the illustration). 

You can also use transparency to partially hide these shapes (otherwise the result will be too dark, too sinister!). These new elements are represented with green outlines below (but these shapes must not have outlines).

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

Step 5

Nice! This is the result so far once all shapes are drawn. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

Step 6

Now it's time to create a few highlights on the illustration. Once again, adding brighter shapes on areas that are close to the light source will create even more depth and volume to this illustration. Use a simple white color for these new shapes and use transparency to create a subtle effect. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

This is the final version of this cute cartoon doll! :)

This is the cartoon doll once all effects are created. Pretty cool! I hope you had fun working on this cartoon illustration. You can find more tutorials like this one here! Enjoy! 

How to Draw A Cartoon Doll

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