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How to Draw A Cartoon Dog using simple basic shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog Using Simple Basic Shapes

Sketching a cartoon dog is always a fun experience. These adorable animals are mostly drawn using large circles, curved lines and basic colors. However, this lesson is slightly different. Instead of using smooth shapes, you will learn to illustrate this fun character with sharp shapes like triangles, squares and pointed lines.

The final illustration will also be filled with subtle colors and gradient fills. Only six easy steps are required to form this adorable character. Using basic shapes like rectangles and triangles is a little bit unusual, but it's also a fun technique to help you draw your favorite characters quickly and easily. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

adding a large rectangle to form the head and body

First, sketch a long rectangle to illustrate the body of the dog. This shape will also be used to represent the head. The rectangle is placed vertically and should be narrow. Leave enough space inside the shape so that we can draw the facial features and the front legs later in this tutorial.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

sketching the nose and the back legs

Next, you can create the nose using a thin rectangle. This new shape is located on the top section of the main rectangle. On both sides of the cartoon dog (and near the bottom of the body), you can sketch the back legs. These new body parts are also made from long and thin rectangles. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a dog is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

Working on the front legs of the cartoon dog

In front of the character (and near the bottom of the main shape), you can sketch the front legs using perfect squares. As you can see below, these shapes are slightly lower than the rest of the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

drawing simple eyes and pointed ears

On top of the nose, you can sketch small dots to form the eyes of the character. These eyes are colored in black and are relatively closer to each other. For the ears, long pointed triangles are needed. These new elements are as large as the back legs found on both sides of the dog.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

sketching some details using lines

We are almost done learning how to draw this dog using basic shapes and lines. Now that the eyes and the nose are completed, you can draw a basic mouth using pointed lines. This character is smiling and the nose is connected to the mouth using another thin line.

You can also add small lines inside all four legs as shown below. These lines are straight and are made with pointed ends. Good work! We are done drawing the animal. It's time to add colors.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

Adding colors using gradients

Inside the dog, you can add colors using gradient fills. Most of the subject is filled with a light brown color. The nose is darker and more saturated. Notice how the top of most shapes is now brighter than the bottom. Nice work! This fun character is now completed.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

If you need more help drawing this cute cartoon dog, then you can use the illustration below. This one contains all six steps needed to draw the animal. Feel free to study this image carefully to help you reach your goal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog Using Simple Basic Shapes

Now that this lesson is completed, don't hesitate to sketch more fun dogs found below. These additional characters are offering fun challenges perfect for artists of all ages. These animals are all drawn with curved lines and circular shapes. The second character is also offering additional challenges like the creation of shadows and highlights. Enjoy! :)

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