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How to Draw A Cartoon Devil with a sharp trident

Sketching a cartoon devil is definitely a fun thing to do. This amazing character is visually stunning and some features like the trident or the horns are just exciting to create. In this tutorial, I will first show you how a cool devil should look like. Then, you will have the opportunity to see how this example was created. Finally, you will learn to illustrate a basic version made from simple shapes in just a few steps.

Devils are entities that are usually hostiles and visually unappealing. These feared creatures have been around for ages and are also present in most cultures. The appearance may vary from one region to another, but the core of the character is the same.

The NHL hockey team, the New Jersey Devils, were named after the legend of the jersey devil about a creature living in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. Some people think that if heaven exist, then hell should also exist and be governed by the Devil.

Let's study a basic version quite popular in western culture

If you have watched a movie involving the Devil recently, then chances are that the character you witness looked a little bit like this. The creature was probably filled with red colors and yellow eyes (1). Large pointed horns could be seen on top of its head (2). The character is quite muscular (3) and pointed nails can be seen on the tip of its fingers.

A long tail with a sharp end is also required to illustrate a cartoon devil properly (4). Legs are strong and also filled with muscles (5). Finally, the Devil is wearing hooves instead of having normal feet. Nice! That's a cool representation of the Devil!

How To Draw A Cartoon Devil

Working with basic shapes to form the character

Since this version of a Devil is quite muscular, many circles and short rectangles are used to represent this character. The head is made from a small oval shape. The neck is large near the bottom and thick on top. Arms are done using several medium circles.

Legs are also done using many short squares. The tail is separated in tiny rectangles. Horns are mostly made from triangles. Great work! Now that we are more familiar with the creature, let's draw this one using a fun cartoon devil!

How To Draw A Cartoon Devil

Drawing the cartoon devil using basic shapes

First, create a basic template using a large oval shape for the head and a simple rectangle for the body. Legs are large and done using perfect curved lines. Arms are thin and made from straight lines. Hands are only represented by medium oval shapes. You can also draw a trident using perfect straight lines.

The tail is thin and also made from curved lines. Inside the head, draw triangles to illustrate the eyes. Horns are made from basic curved lines. A beard is added using a triangular shape. You can add colors inside the illustration using gradients. Cool! This devil looks awesome!

How To Draw A Cartoon Devil

More cool characters that you can work with!

Had fun learning to draw this devil using basic shapes? You can see the sketch of this character below (3). If you feel like working on more characters, you can also try a more muscular version (1). The second image is featuring a cute creature mostly made from a large square and sharp triangle. The posture is also very amusing. The last version is simpler and closer to a basic monster.

How To Draw A Cartoon Devil

Drawing a cool cartoon devil is always a fun thing to do. These creatures are visually stunning and since they don't exist in real life (don't they?), then you can unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities. If you would like to try more cool devils from this site, then simply select your favorite character below. More demons are also available here.

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