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How to Draw A Cartoon Dentist ready to operate

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist Ready To Operate

Learning to draw a cartoon dentist that looks cool can easily be done using this tutorial. If you are afraid of dentists, then don't worry! This one won't hurt you! Let's face it. It's not everyone who enjoys a nice meeting with a dentist. Most of us are afraid because it might be a painful experience or because it can be an expensive one.

However, with modern technologies, it is now possible to get good treatments without being seriously traumatized! Just sit down, relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Your dentist is there to help you. Let's start this basic lesson now using simple shapes, lines and colors. :)

drawing the head using circles and curved lines

First, let's work on the head of the cartoon character. You can use a large oval shape to illustrate this part of the body. Notice how the chin is sharp and pointed. Next, draw two large circles to form the eyes. Ears are created from tiny circles. Finally, you can draw a mouth using more long curved lines. Great work! We can now proceed with the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist

sketching the body using basic shapes

It's time to sketch a few basic shapes to end up with a template that can help us create perfect proportions. It's also a good opportunity to polish the posture of the character. You can add the body, the arms and the legs using rectangles, squares and circles. Since the dentist is holding two medical instruments, both arms can be up in the air.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist

Polishing the silhouette using perfect curved lines

Now that we have created a body using rectangles and circles, let's use this template to draw the silhouette. As you can see below, both elbows are visible. We can also see tiny fingers and long feet. Since it's a cartoon character, only four fingers are needed for each hand.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist

adding simple accessories

Draw a large circle above the eyes to form the head mirror. A mask can also be drawn around the neck. This one is made from several long curved lines. You can complete this step by adding simple instruments inside both hands. Great! This cartoon dentist looks nice!

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist

working with details and basic textures

Another oval shape can be drawn inside the head mirror. The nose is made of a simple curved lines. Small dots are used for the pupils and the tongue. You can also draw a basic texture on the mask. Buttons are created on the shirt. Finally, you can draw a vertical line on the pants to separate both legs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist

it's time to play with colors!

Now that the character is drawn, you can add plain colors inside this one. The medical instruments located inside both hands and the head mirror are filled with a light gray color. The mask can be green. For the pants, a simple brown color is used. Both pupils are blue. Of course, a bright red color is needed for the tongue.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist

 using gradients to enhance the cartoon dentist

If you have access to a vector application, then you know that using gradients can help you create more depth inside the character. Of course, you can also create this basic effect manually using tangible tools. As shown below, some parts of the cartoon dentist are now darker.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dentist

I hope you had fun working with this adorable character. Don't hesitate to draw this cartoon dentist using another posture or holding different instruments. Just be creative and unleash your creativity. You can also learn to draw more fun characters below. Enjoy! :)

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