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How to Draw A Cartoon Demon with sharp teeth

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon With Sharp Teeth

Learning to draw a cartoon demon can be an interesting challenge. Since these creatures don't really exist (do they?), it's very easy to create something believable and realistic. Your might have a different vision of this monster compared to mine, but both approach are good.

In this lesson, I will show you how to create a terrifying demon using mostly basic shapes and short curved lines. Let's see how we can illustrate this fun creature in just a few steps now! :)

Building a template from basic shapes

Let's start this lesson by creating a simple template using basic rectangles and irregular shapes. Our goal is to locate the character in the work space and make sure that proportions are accurate. You can also work on the posture now to make sure the subject is standing properly.

First, draw a large rectangle to form the body of the demon. The head will also be located inside this shape. Next, draw the ankles using tiny squares. Below the ankles, you can sketch the feet with irregular shapes as shown below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

adding more shapes to complete this template

In front of the creature, you can add arms and hands using more simple shapes. Notice how the wrists of the demon are bent near the hands. This creature doesn't have fingers, but a single sharp nail can be seen. On the back of the character, you can draw a large tail made from additional straight lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

Polishing the silhouette of the creature

Now that we have simple shapes to work with, you can use those to draw the cartoon demon using several long and short curved lines. Instead of creating simple feet, you can sketch large hooves. The wing is made from several small curved lines. Like I said earlier, notice the unusual shape of both hands.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

drawing a nice big smile

Eyes are made from simple oval shapes. For the mouth, you can draw this one using long curved lines. Since this demon is gifted with several pointed teeth, make sure that the mouth is wide opened.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

It's time to draw sharp things

Now that the mouth is completed, you can draw a wide variety of teeth using small triangular shapes. Make sure that the teeth on top are slightly longer than the ones on the bottom. On top of the wing, you can draw a large horn. Two more horns can also be created on top of the head.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

working on the facial expression

Inside the eyes, you can sketch tiny dots to illustrate the pupils. Eyebrows are added above the eyes using short straight lines. Inside the wing, you can draw a few lines to create a little bit of depth. Finally, make sure that the mouth of the creature is surrounded with a little bit of blood.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

adding colors to bring the cartoon demon to life

For this particular character, I have selected a light brown color for the head and the body. The mouth can be black, just like both hooves. The eyes, the teeth and the horns can be white. You can select a lighter brown color for the wing of the creature. Of course, you can use a bright red color for the blood located around the mouth.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

creating more volume using gradients

One last thing we can do is play with gradients to give more depth to the character. Notice how the bottom of the cartoon demon is now darker than the top. The horns are also white near the top, but gray on the bottom.

How To Draw A Cartoon Demon

I hope you had fun working with this amazing creature. More cool demons can be found below. Have fun drawing and remember to practice often. That's the key to success! :)

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