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How to Draw A Cartoon Dance illustration with rhythm

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance Illustration With Rhythm

Sketching a cartoon dance illustration can be a fun exercise to accomplish. With so many dances available throughout the world, possibilities are endless. You can literally opt for tons of styles like waltz, tango, rumba, mambo, salsa, flamenco and many more ...

For this lesson, let's stick with a simple character just having fun being creative. This lesson is also a good alternative to help you work on proportions, postures and the anatomy of the human body. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step of this tutorial now.

adding a few shapes to create a basic template

Before sketching and drawing the female character, let's add a few basic shapes to form the silhouette of the subject. It's also a good opportunity to polish the posture and work on the proportions. First, draw a large oval shape to form the head. Smaller circles can be added to create the eyes. On both sides of the head, draw the arms using thin rectangles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

creating a basic body with circles and rectangles

Next, sketch two circles to illustrate the breast of the dancer. Below the circles, three simple rectangles to represent the waist and the hips. Notice how the rectangle on top is thinner while the one drawn near the bottom is much larger. The head is also not quite aligned with the body. Study this posture carefully.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

sketching legs using long rectangles

The legs of the dancer are made from long and thin rectangles. Notice how both legs are slightly crossed. The foot on the back is also not quite flat.

Nice work! This cartoon dance template is now completed. It's time to draw the character using long curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

polishing the upper part of the body

Using perfect lines, you can now draw the head of the female dancer. The chin can be a little bit sharp. Using more curved lines, work on the hands and the arms as shown in the illustration below. You can complete this step by drawing the waist and the breast of the subject.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

completing the silhouette using more perfect lines

The legs are also drawn using long curved lines. You can draw simple shoes using more basic lines. We are almost done drawing this beautiful cartoon dancer. All we need to do is add a few more details and add colors to the illustration.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

working around the head and inside the face

A few fingers are needed on top of the character. You can draw them using small circles. For the hair, long curved lines are used. Next, create some pupils using tiny circular shapes. The nose and the mouth are made from short lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

adding basic colors to create a beautiful image

Now that the character is done, you can add plain colors to the image as shown below. Adding colors really helps create a more appealing illustration. If you want to go one step further, you can proceed with the next step ...

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

applying gradients to create more depth and volume

This illustration is visually appealing, but adding gradients can help create more depth and volume inside the character. As you can see below, most elements are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top. This step is not mandatory, but it can help create a more interesting result.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dance

I hope you had fun working on this cartoon dance example. Don't hesitate to sketch more characters performing various dances from all around the world. Now that we are done with this character, you can learn to draw more fun athletes from this site below. Have fun creating and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. :)

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