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How to Draw A Cartoon Dad in just a few easy steps

How To Draw A Cartoon Dad In Just A Few Easy Steps

Learn to draw a cartoon dad wearing a nice moustache and a simple outfit in this easy step-by-step drawing lesson. So what makes a dad different from any other character?

Your character needs to be warm, colorful, patient and loving! The moustache is not mandatory, but it does make the character look a little older and wiser (ok ... maybe not wiser, but just closer to stereotypes).

A green t-shirt is also a nice choice since it's a friendly color that is related to luck, hope and wisdom. I hope you will enjoy drawing this simple dad and don't hesitate to customize your character as you wish. Simply start with the video and feel free to switch to the written version located below the video if needed.

starting with the head and body of the subject

First, you can draw a large oval shape to illustrate the head of the character. Below the head, add a small neck using a tiny square. Finally, you can draw the body using another large square. Please note that the top and bottom of this shape are made with curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dad

working on the legs and the feet

Below the body, you can draw long feet using perfect rectangles. The crotch is made from a single straight line. For the feet of the cartoon dad, you can use a mix of curved lines. Notice how the height of the body is similar to the distance found between the feet and the crotch.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dad

adding more body parts to the character

Using simple curved lines, you can draw two arms on both sides of the character. Ears are done with curved lines and eyes are represented by large oval shapes. You can also polish the legs using more simple lines. The crotch and the legs are now joined together. Great! We are almost done drawing this cute cartoon character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dad

creating more details inside the illustration

On top of the head, you can draw a nice haircut using pointed lines. Don't forget to draw some hair on both sides of the head. For the pupils, tiny dots are required. The nose and the mouth are made from short curved lines. A small mustache is also sketched below the nose. Complete this image by drawing both hands. A few fingers are visible on both sides.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dad

it's time to play with colors!

You can add plain colors to the character in order to make the illustration more appealing. The short can be filled with a bright green color. The pants, the hair and the mustache can be brown. A darker color (also brown) is used on the shoes. Excellent! Let's see in the next step if we can make this cute image even more interesting.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dad

Working with gradients to create depth

Using gradients to create more depth and volume is definitely a simple alternative. If you don't have a vector application, this step can also be done manually. As you can see below, most shapes are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top. This effect can easily be seen on the shirt of the subject.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dad

Nice work! You can now draw more cute cartoon dads using this template as a starting point. Feel free to try more colors, postures and textures.

A family also consists of more members than just the dad. Below, you can find additional cartoon characters that are fun and easy to create. Just keep practicing and have fun working with these additional tutorials.

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