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how to draw a cartoon dachshund using several fun examples

How To Draw A Cartoon Dachshund Using Several Fun Examples

You can now learn to draw a cartoon dachshund using three fun lessons featuring adorable characters that are easy to duplicate. One animal can be sketched using a front view while the last two dachshunds are shown from a side view. All tutorials are made from basic shapes and drawn using long curved lines.

Dachshunds (also knows as wiener dog or sausage dog) are quite easy to illustrate because of their singular anatomy. These dogs have a long cylindrical body and large ears that are mostly down. They come in a wide variety of colors. Dachshunds are playful, but some species can be stubborn at times. Let's see how we can draw this marvelous dog in just a few steps now.

working with basic shapes

Let's begin this series by learning to draw a dachshund made mostly from short rectangles and large circles. First, draw a thin and long rectangle to form the body. The head is done using a very large circle. Contrast between sizes is great when working with cartoon characters.

Next, draw all legs using mostly curved lines. Ears are represented by rectangles with round corners. Eyes are large and also made from perfect circles. The nose is illustrated using a small oval shape. You can use a tiny triangle to form the tail. Complete this cartoon dachshund by sketching the pupils and the mouth.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dachshund

Another cool version made from simple elements

It's now time to try sketching a cute dachshund picture using a side view. Once again, you can use a few basic shapes to form a template that should help you create accurate proportions. First, draw the head using a circle. The neck and the mouth are done using rectangles. A large triangle can be drawn to illustrate the ear.

The body is made from a long rectangle. All four legs are represented by short squares. Now that you have a template to work with, draw the animal using long curved lines. You can see how the character should look like in the third step. Add plain colors and you are done.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dachshund

One last cartoon dachshund made from perfect lines

This fun illustration of a dachshund is also featuring a basic character shown from a side view. Unlike the previous character, the body is much rounder and the ear less triangular. The nose of the cartoon dachshund is pointed and made from a small curved line.

The color used is also darker and the eye and pupils are made from tiny circles. I really like how the mouth is created from the same line that is used to form the nose.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dachshund

As you can see above, learning how to draw a dachshund can be done using a few basic shapes and perfect curved lines. It's time for you to experiment with this subject and draw more versions using different postures and textures. Enjoy! :)

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