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how to draw a cartoon cupid with an adorable posture

How to draw a cartoon cupid

Learn how to illustrate a simple cartoon cupid that looks cute and adorable in just a few minutes! I will show you how to create a basic version featuring this appealing character in a fun posture. The picture is also filled with basic shadows to give a little bit more depth to the subject. If you can draw a few basic shapes, then you can definitely try this basic tutorial. :)

Starting with the creation of a few basic shapes

First, let's draw a few basic shapes so that we can figure out the posture of the character as well as its location inside the work space. You can draw a large circle for the head, a few rectangles for the body, the arms and the legs and smaller circles for the hands. Don't hesitate to polish the posture of the character as much as needed. Although this step might seem easy, it will determine whether the character looks credible or not.

How to draw a cartoon cupid

Drawing the character using these basic shapes

It's now time to illustrate this cartoon cupid using mostly curved pointed lines. Notice how the hair is curled and how the wing is pointed toward the sky. Also, it's important to draw a nice heart near the end of the arrow. Since we are working on a fictional cartoon illustration, don't hesitate to play with proportions. In this case, the head is much bigger than both legs. You can also skip some obvious body parts like I did below with the nose. It's up to you!

How to draw a cartoon cupid

Colors to make this cartoon cupid even more appealing

Let's add some basic colors to make this fun illustration even more enjoyable to watch. For this sample, the character is blond with blue wings, a brown arrow and a bright red heart. The diaper is grey and both eyes are filled with a bright blue color. 

How to draw a cartoon cupid

A simple technique to add more depth to this cool illustration

No need to create complex shapes, use advanced digital effects or draw intense textures to make this illustration visually more attractive. All you need to do is add a few plain shadows in strategic areas. These simple additions are all you need to make this cartoon kid cuter than it should be!

How to draw a cartoon cupid

Here you go! a nice cupid ready for valentine's Day!

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this fun cartoon character properly. It's now time to get creative and draw your own version of this adorable legendary figure. You can try different postures, a new hairstyle, new clothing or simply add more details and textures. You are only limited by your imagination.

How to draw a cartoon cupid

More Valentine's Day tutorials can be found here. You can also try more cute characters like this one here. Have fun! :)

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