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How to Draw A Cartoon Credit Card using simple shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Credit Card Using Simple Shapes

Drawing a cartoon credit card is definitely not a difficult task. After all, you just need to sketch a rectangle with smooth corners and add some basic info. Right? Well, if you want to create a realistic card you might want to learn a few more additional tips. That's the purpose of this simple step-by-step lesson.

This simple piece of plastic is wonderful. You can buy products online, purchase things without having to carry any money or even get some bonus points to get free stuff. All those things are great if you are able to pay your bills at the end of the month. If you can't, then you are in deep trouble! A credit card is a nice tool to use if you can use it properly.

Let's see how we can sketch a card that looks nice in just a few basic steps using this tutorial below.

let's start with the most basic step

First, we need to draw the silhouette of the object using a large rectangle. All four corners must be soft and round. Don't forget to use a shape with an aspect ratio of 1:5. It can be a little bit or a little bit less. It's up to you. Now that the card is done, let's add details inside this one.

How To Draw A Cartoon Credit Card

creating a simple pattern on the back

The first credit cards were pretty straightforward and boring. Today, credit cards are filled with tons of various patterns, colors and fun effects. In this step, simply draw a nice pattern of the back of the card using lines and shapes. It can be a good idea to sketch something simple. If the background of your cartoon credit card is loaded with stuff, it will be hard to read.

How To Draw A Cartoon Credit Card

Adding important information

It's time to add some basic (but important) information on the object. On top of the card, you can draw the name of the company. In this example, let's use "Credit Card" (original, don't you think?). Next, a small rectangle is added below to represent the microchip. Then, sixteen numbers are added near the bottom of the card. You can also display a name and the expiration date.

How To Draw A Cartoon Credit Card

it's time for some basic colors

Since money is often related to the green color, this is my choice for this card. The top of the card is slightly darker than the bottom. All other elements like the circle, the letters, the numbers and the microchip are colored in white. Notice how the outline of the card is now filled with a dark green color. Nice work! One last step is needed to complete this tutorial. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Credit Card

adding nice effects on the cartoon credit card

If you can play with gradients or transparency, then it can be a good idea to add some of these effects of the object. For example, notice how the circle is now partially transparent. The same thing was done on the microchip. Subtle outlines were also added on all numbers and letters.

How To Draw A Cartoon Credit Card

Great work! I hope you had fun working with this adorable cartoon credit card. Of course, feel free to draw more samples using various colors and patterns. Yes, possibilities are endless. Don't hesitate to practice on a daily basis. You can start with some of the lessons found below. Enjoy! :)

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