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how to draw a cartoon crazy patient with a funny look

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

Feeling weird? Great! It's the best time to learn how to draw a cartoon crazy patient that looks amusing. This original character is wearing a straitjacket and seems a little bit confused while its tongue is visible outside the mouth and both legs are in an awkward position. Let's start working on this basic illustration by starting with the first step: creating simple shapes ...

step 1 - a few guidelines to get started

First, we need to draw a few basic shapes to help us locate the character inside the picture. It's also a crucial step because we need to get the posture right. Start by adding a large oval shape to form the head. Then, draw three small rectangles to represent the body. Both legs are made from long and thin rectangles. Excellent! We have all we need to proceed with the next step.

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

step 2 - drawing the character using several lines

You can now use all basic shapes created earlier to draw the character. Notice the strange shape of the head, the weird pupils, the small eyelids, the fluffy hair, the pointed chin, the long sleeves on the straitjacket and the short legs made from straight lines.

Also notice that all lines are made from pointed ends. This is a good option to give more personality to an illustration. Regular lines with round ends can become boring and predictable. Once you are done, you can erase all basic shapes surrounded by orange outlines.

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

step 3 - More details are needed inside this cartoon crazy patient

Inside the head, draw a few lines on the forehead. You can also draw a long curved line below the left eye. One line is also needed in the middle of the tongue. Stitches can also be drawn on the straitjacket and the pants of the cartoon crazy patient. We are now done with the drawing part of this lesson! :)

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

step 4 - adding plain colors inside all body parts

In this step, you can add colors inside all parts of the illustration. The hair can be orange, the tongue red, the straitjacket and pants grey while both pupils are blue. You can also change the color of all strokes and outlines. Instead of black, you can use a different color as shown in the illustration below.

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

step 5 - Color gradients to add more depth

If you are using a vector application, then adding color gradients to your cartoon crazy patient is a quick and easy technique to add depth to a drawing. As you can see below, an area like the bottom of the head is darker while the top is much brighter. The same recipe is used on the tongue, the hair, the eyelids, the straitjacket and the pants.

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

step 6 - additional shapes to create strong shadows

Shadows are important to give more volume to a 2D image. One of the easiest technique you can use is drawing additional shapes on areas that are located below each body part. For instance, a shadow can be found below the nose, the ear, the hair, the arms and the legs. All these new shapes are dark and partially transparent.

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

step 7 - highlights and reflections to complete the character

Now that we have created darker areas, let's add brighter ones using more shapes that are colored in white and also mostly transparent. You can see all these new shapes below (all elements with a green outline) and the final result is displayed in the next step.

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

here you go! Hope this tutorial didn't drive you crazy! 

Below you can see the final illustration as well as all steps needed to draw this cute cartoon crazy patient.

How to draw a cartoon crazy patient
How to draw a cartoon crazy patient

If you want to, you can draw more versions using various postures, more details, different colors and stranger emotions. Don't hesitate to experiment! Drawing crazy people can be a fun exercise! ;)

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