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How to Draw Cartoon Cows with a cute head

Drawing cartoon cows is a fun thing to do if you can have access to a fun character to work with. In this basic step-by-step tutorial, I will show you to illustrate this adorable animal using simple tips and techniques. First, you will have the opportunity to study a real animal using a nice photography.

Then, you will have the ability to see how the character is built using simple shapes. Finally, you will learn to draw a simple version made from circles and rectangles.

Cows are fun animals that we learn to appreciate early in life. It's hard to say why these creatures are so popular, but every child loves going to the farm to enjoy the company of cows. Did you know that this animal can sleep standing on its feet? Pretty amazing, right?

The stomach of the cow is divided in four separate sections. However, the most impressive thing about cows is the fact that each day, they can produce around 120 lbs of saliva. Now that's stunning (or disgusting)!

Analyzing a simple picture of a cow

Before learning how to draw cartoon cows, let's study the animal using the photography located below. First, cows have two small horns on top of the head and ears are short and usually facing the ground (1). The muzzle of the cow (2) is a little flat and not very long.

Hooves (3) are thick and very impressive (at least in real-life). A large udder can be seen under the character (4). Finally, these creatures are mostly covered with black patches. Of course, some cows are also filled with various colors like brown, so this feature is not available on all animals.

How To Draw Cartoon Cows

Studying the subject using basic shapes

Using the picture above, let's transform this fun creature into several basic shapes. Obviously, the body is very imposing. The head is made from a few circular shapes while the tail is done using only a long curved line. All four legs are represented by three irregular rectangles.

The udder is rather small when seen from a distance. Since our goal is to draw cartoon cows, then these proportions don't matter that much. However, it's still a good practice to get familiar with the real anatomy of the character before sketching this one.

How To Draw Cartoon Cows

Drawing the animal in just a few simple steps

Now that we have done our homework, let's work on this cool cow clipart. You can start by drawing a large rectangle to form the body. The jaw is done using a large oval shape. For the head, you can sketch a triangle with a larger end near the top. The udder is made from another small oval shape. Once these shapes are created, you can work on the silhouette.

When you are done, draw the eyes, the ears and the horns. The pupils and the nose are created using dots. All legs and the tail are made from really thin rectangles. Add colors to the character and don't forget to sketch patches.

How To Draw Cartoon Cows

More fun cartoon cows for you to enjoy

The character we have created was a fun example to work with (4), but we can certainly draw more cool cows! Below you can see a simple selection featuring more sketches of this cute animal. Some are made from basic shapes (1) while others are closer to reality (5). One cow was even drawn using a fun posture (6). You can use these samples to draw more fun cartoon cows or just work on your own versions. As long as you are practicing, that's the important!

How To Draw Cartoon Cows

I hope you had fun learning to draw cows using all examples above. Fortunately, more adorable cows are available on this site. You can try three more versions below. Just keep drawing and have fun with these characters.

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