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How to Draw Cartoon Clowns that look funny

Drawing cartoon clowns is something that can be joyful for some and creepy for others. It's quite incredible to learn how many people are frightened by this popular character. Funny clowns like Krusty from The Simpsons are very lovable (while in this case the character is also slightly pathetic at times). Other characters like Pennywise don't have the same level of sympathy.

The origin of the clown is rather mysterious. We do know that Greeks use them in their theaters. Since some clowns usually don't speak, they can amuse people from all around the world. That's why they are popular in most carnivals. Let's study a simple clown picture and see what we should expect when drawing one of these characters.

A colorful version featuring many fun details

On top of the head of the character (1), a tiny blue hat is visible. Clowns like to have tiny accessories or very large ones. In this case, hair is colored in orange (2). We can see the red nose and the white makeup all around the mouth. More white makeup was also added around both eyes.

The shirt (3) is filled with colorful stripes. A large bow can be seen below the head. Pants are also large and colored in blue (4). Don't forget the large shoes (5) often filled with bright colors too. Clowns are made to be funny, so we should expect such a weird posture from this character.

How To Draw Cartoon Clowns

representing this picture using shapes

No surprise here. While looking at the shapes used to form the clown, you can see that both legs and the feet are very large. Arms and hands are more accurate in terms of proportions. The head seems tiny, but it's probably because the hair is so present. The hat is very small and the shirt is adjusted with the pants. Great! Now that we have deconstructed cartoon clowns from top to bottom, let's see how we can sketch this character using basic elements.

How To Draw Cartoon Clowns

working on the head using more simple shapes

If you can draw a basic circle, then you should be able to illustrate this cartoon head is just a few basic steps. First, draw a large circle to represent the head itself. The nose is made from a small oval shape. Both eyes are also created using perfect circles. Small dots are needed to form the pupils. 

The mouth is done using long curved lines. Both ears are sketched using short curved lines. Draw some hair on top of the head using several short lines. Once you are done drawing the character, you can apply some colors. Notice how the hair looks like a rainbow. Of course, the nose can be red and the makeup white.

How To Draw Cartoon Clowns

More cartoon clowns for you to enjoy

Like I said earlier, clowns can be both funny and creepy. You can see a few samples below. The first character is similar to the one we have created in the previous step. The second one is also funny. The third one is very basic, but the eyes are intriguing. Are these eyes closed? Is the clown dead? It's hard to know!

The next two versions are very scary. The fourth clown is displaying large menacing teeth while the one next to him has weird eyes. The last one is pretty standard, so everything is fine!

How To Draw Cartoon Clowns

Looking for more cartoon clowns to draw? Excellent! You can try one of these three characters also found on the site. Practicing on a daily basis is certainly a good idea if you want to improve your drawing skills quickly and easily. Enjoy and have fun drawing! :)

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