Create all the products you want and all the copies you need using high quality cartoon illustrations today!

Having a hard time finding perfect cartoon illustrations to create cool products and applications?

Are you looking for a flexible license that gives you complete freedom to create all the products you want and print all the copies you need?

I can help you! You can now enjoy colorful characters, animals and illustrations from and create anything you have in mind using the most flexible license possible. Say hello to freedom, flexibility and unlimited possibilities!

Unleash your creativity today using adorable cartoon illustrations and get a taste of what freedom is really all about. :)

Beautiful High Quality JPEG Images

Images are delivered in the most popular file format available: high quality JPEG. Enjoy perfect cartoon illustrations that are filled with vibrant colors, perfect shapes and rendered in the highest quality possible.

Time-Saving Transparent PNG Files

All digital files are also delivered in PNG files with transparent backgrounds. Since these files don't have backgrounds (these ones are invisible) you don't need to spend hours erasing them manually. A real time-saver!

Huge Sizes. Huge Possibilities.

JPEG files are 2000 x 2000 pixels in size. The size of each PNG files may vary (since the background is invisible), but the content from both format is identical in size. That's large enough to create high quality tangible products.

A smart choice. Save money today!

Why spend money on expensive extended licenses elsewhere (often $20 or more for a single illustration!) when you can have it all for much less? Save your hard-earned money today and start creating cool products now!

Create Unlimited Products

Using the most flexible license usage possible, you can use all images from this collection to create all the products you can think of. No restrictions, no limits, no worries ... that's how flexible this license is!

Create Unlimited Copies

You can also use these images to create unlimited copies. No need to purchase extended licenses because it's all included. Complete freedom! You can read the whole license here. How simple is that for a license?

A Gigantic Selection of Themes and Designs

Illustrations are grouped in convenient packages making it easy to select your favorite themes, styles and designs. Whether you need cool cartoon characters made from basic shapes, complex farm animals, adorable wild animals, intriguing sea animals, delicious food or even convenient vehicles, you will find everything you need to create colorful products quickly and effectively.

Several styles are also available making it easy to find the perfect illustration for every project. Some characters are drawn using dark strokes while others are created without any outlines. Most illustrations are made from basic shapes and lines while others are complex and filled with beautiful shadows and highlights. Your biggest issue might be to decide which character to select. That's an interesting problem!

Here are all images included in this collection:


I am convinced that you will find all the images you need to create great products quickly and effectively. But if, for any reasons, you are not 100% satisfied with all the content available in this collection, just send me an email within 30 days from the date you purchased these images and I will proceed with a full refund (no questions asked). Your satisfaction is my top priority and you have a whole month to play with these images, create products and discover all possibilities!

"I just wanted to send a note to thank you so very much for your wonderful clip art images. I purchased a set to use on my website and some preschool items I am creating. They are just perfect!

It was much less than I would have paid for a stock photo picture and license!

Thank you so much! You are my "go to" site now for graphics for my website and my preschool products!"

- Cheryl H. (Massachusetts, USA)

"I was able to download these new images. I love them! Once again, thanks for your work! I am a teacher and I am using these illustrations to enhance my classes and my resources. I will certainly use your services again!"

- Sebastien P. (France)

All the Illustrations You Need to Succeed!

With more than 1 GB of unzipped content available to download (separated in 31 convenient packages), all the images you need to create successful products, to enhance your personal work and to build educational material can be found in this incredible collection. Don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on high quality cartoon images and enjoy complete freedom using the most flexible license usage possible.

  • Large selection of themes
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Create unlimited products
  • Create unlimited copies
  • Beautiful high quality JPEG images
  • Convenient PNG files with transparency
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

PS: Unleash your creativity now and create all the products and applications you want today using high quality cartoon images!
PSS: With a great variety of designs and using the most flexible license usage possible, this collection offers everything you need to succeed!
PSSS: With a 30 day money back guarantee, the risk is on me! :)