how to draw cartoon clip art images (Misc)

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Did you find all the cartoon clip art images you were looking for on this site? If not, then maybe the animals, characters, objects or any other original lessons you might want to try are available in this section! Indeed, below you will find a collection of links featuring additional cartoon tutorials not featured in links found in the navigation menu. From simple objects to cute little characters, it's a good opportunity to learn how to draw more cool illustrations quickly and effectively.

How To Draw Cartoon Clip Art Images (Misc)

Although this section is listed in the "Intermediate" section (under "Misc"), you will find a wide variety of simple lessons, slightly more difficult ones and advanced tutorials. Some lessons are focusing on learning how to draw a specific character or object while other lessons will be devoted to learning a specific drawing technique like adding textures, working with colors, adding gradient fills, playing with strokes or outlines and creating accurate proportions. 

With such a wide variety of themes and designs to choose from, it might be a good idea to try more than just one tutorial if your goal is to improve every aspect of your drawing abilities. Working on a simple cartoon character made mostly from long curved lines is as much important as drawing a simple object made from perfect shapes like squares, rectangles and triangles. Variety is the key!

It's also important not to be fooled by the term "cartoon clip art". Indeed, clip art illustrations are often associated with simple images drawn using a few basic shapes and filled with plain colors. This is not the case here (well, at least for most tutorials). Some lessons found in this section can be quite complex and loaded with detailed textures, gradient colors, strong shadows and subtle highlights.

So just take a deep breath, select your favorite animal, character, object or misc illustration from the list below and start drawing wonderful cartoon images that everyone will love! :)


Why not work on adorable cartoon characters mostly made from basic shapes and filled with simple digital effects? I will show you how to draw a few simple shapes to locate the character inside the working area and then you will have the opportunity to sketch this one using mostly basic curved lines. Once the lines are added, simply add colors, shadows, highlights and you are done! :)


Looking for drawing lessons that are more ... technical? Great! Learning how to draw objects is a good way to work with cartoon clip art images that must be drawn with accurate proportions, straight angles and perfect circles. Grab a pencil, a ruler and a piece of paper and you are ready to create!


You didn't find what you were looking for yet? Maybe you will find it here! This section is filled with misc lessons that are hard to classify. If you want to work with original designs, themes and subjects, then this is the place to be! :)

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