how to draw cartoon clip art images (Misc)

Did you find all the cartoon clip art images you were looking for on this site? If not, then maybe the animals, characters, objects or any other original lessons you might want to try are available in this section!

Although this section is listed in the "Intermediate" section (under "Misc"), you will find a wide variety of simple lessons, slightly more difficult ones and advanced tutorials.

Some lessons are focusing on learning how to draw a specific character or object while other lessons will be devoted to learning a specific drawing technique like adding textures, working with colors, adding gradient fills, playing with strokes or outlines and creating accurate proportions. 

With such a wide variety of themes and designs to choose from, it might be a good idea to try more than just one tutorial if your goal is to improve every aspect of your drawing abilities. Working on a simple cartoon character made mostly from long curved lines is as much important as drawing a simple object made from perfect shapes like squares, rectangles and triangles. Variety is the key!

A cool video featuring a nice cartoon tooth

If you prefer to use step-by-step video lessons to draw cool cartoon images, then this sample is for you. You will learn how to create an adorable cartoon tooth quickly and easily. More fun videos can be found on my Youtube channel.

A simple heart with lots of depth to get started

The first example is featuring a cartoon clip art version of a heart. Although creating this heart is quite simple using only two long oval shapes and one small triangle, the most important steps are really the last three ones. 

Adding a large shadow on the left side of the heart is the first major addition to give some depth to the drawing. The fifth step, which consists of drawing two white shapes on the object to create reflection is also mandatory. 

trees and plants can also be fun to draw!

Don't be fooled by the complexity of this palm tree. Once you are able to draw realistic trees, a nice trunk with simple textures and apply plan colors inside all these elements, creating depth and volume can be done in just a few minutes.

First, draw shadows on all leaves and the trunk. An additional shadow is also added behind the leaf located just over the trunk (near the middle of the illustration). Draw some reflection on top of the leaves and you are done!

clothing to try a different challenge

Drawing shorts is also a fun exercise if you want to learn how to draw shadows effectively. Indeed, this object is covered with several areas that are filled with beautiful shadows to give more depth and volume to this simple 2D object.

Don't forget to add color gradients inside all parts of the image and complete this tutorial by adding texture using multiple horizontal lines. These cartoon clip art shorts are perfect!

reaching a higher level of realism

Are you looking to reach a higher level of realism in your illustrations? Great! This lesson is definitely for you. All tips described earlier are applied here. The object is filled with shadows, reflection and textures to turn a simple plain object into a very interesting version.

Notice that the absence of outlines and strokes on this object is also contributing to adding more realism to the image.

A cartoon character with plenty of volume

You can also add all these tips on a cartoon character to end up with a fun illustration filled with gorgeous effects. Color gradients, shadows, reflections and colored outlines are all applied to make this fun cartoon child even cuter and more appealing.

More cartoon clip art illustrations are available here!

Excellent! All previous examples gave you a good idea of what to expect here. Below you can find all cartoon clip art tutorials available in this series. Feel free to try as much as possible since they are all filled with fun and relevant tips to help you learn how to draw better illustrations that are beautiful and visually amazing.







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