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how to draw a cartoon chipmunk with an adorable face

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

Learning to draw a cute cartoon chipmunk is definitely an adorable experience. This fun character can be created using simple shapes like in the example found below. That's the beauty with cartoon illustrations. You don't necessarily need to draw accurate proportions to end up with something fun and appealing.

Chipmunks are adorable creatures mostly located in North America. One species can also be found in Asia. This tiny rodent can eat lots of things including nuts, fruits and seeds. Let's start this lesson on how to draw a chipmunk in just eight easy steps.

Using basic shapes to draw the silhouette of the chipmunk clipart

First, let's work on a simple template to help us locate the character into our work space. It's also a good opportunity to refine proportions. This cute animal is sketched using a unique silhouette. You can start by drawing the body of the chipmunk using a large oval shape. Both ears are made from short triangles. The bottom of the body (including both back legs) are represented by a large rectangle. Feet are made from short triangles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

Nice work! We can now start drawing the character using short and long curved lines. Sketch the silhouette of the head and body as shown below. You can draw some hair on top of the head as well as on both sides of the cheeks. Ears and feet are made from short triangles. The arms of the cartoon chipmunk are done using long curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

Inside the head, you can draw the face of the animal. Both eyes and pupils are made from large circles. Notice how pupils are not quite centered inside the eyes. The nose is created from a triangular shape. You can draw the mouth using a few straight lines. Don't forget to add tiny teeth below the mouth.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

It's time to add some details to convert this simple cartoon animal into a beautiful chipmunk. First, you can add patches inside the ears using more short triangles. A pattern is sketched on the forehead using long curved lines. Another line is added below the mouth. You can also sketch a patch on the chest. Small lines are created on the hands and feet of the cartoon creature.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

adding colors and simple effects inside the cartoon chipmunk

Let's add some colors inside the cartoon character using gradients. This little rodent is filled with a mix of brown colors. The pupils and the nose can be darker while patches inside the ears, inside the face and on the chest can be brighter. Notice how most shapes are slightly darker near the bottom.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

Creating simple shadows can also improve the illustration and help us create more depth. All these new additions must be filled with a darker brown color. It's also important to add transparency to make sure that all shadows are smooth and subtle.

You can add shadows on the ears, around the eyes, below the nose and around the teeth. More shapes can also be added below both arms and on both feet. You can see all new additions below (surrounded by a temporary blue outline).

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

Shadows are great to create more volume, but adding reflections and highlights can also be a good idea. Just like we did in the previous step, we need to make sure that reflections are partially transparent. This time, all new elements must be colored in white. You can add highlights inside both pupils, on the nose, on the forehead and on the patch located on the chest.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

nice job learning how to draw a chipmunk that looks cute!

Now that all steps are completed, you should end up with a character similar to the one found below. If you want to practice more, simply draw more versions using different angles, perspectives, postures and textures. Of course, you can also use this lesson as a starting point to draw another character using your own style. Possibilities are endless!

How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk
How To Draw A Cartoon Chipmunk

Above you can see all steps needed to create this cartoon chipmunk grouped into a single image. Did enjoy this tutorial on how to draw a chipmunk? Great! You can find more lessons from the same series here. Have fun! :)

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