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How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl with a cute hairstyle

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

Learn how to draw a cartoon Chinese girl made from basic shapes. A simple vector application is needed for this tutorial! In this lesson, I will show you how assembling a few basic elements like circles and rectangles while adding digital effects like shadows can create a fascinating cartoon character.

Of course, you can also just draw a character with no special effects, no shadows, no highlights and still end up with a beautiful illustration. Let's see how we can create a character similar to the one found above. :)

Step 1

First, you can illustrate this Chinese girl by sketching a large circular shape to represent the head and a long rectangle to form the body. Both arms are made from thin rectangles while the ears, the hands and the hair are done from circles.

The eyes, the eyebrows, the nose and the mouth are done using small pointed lines. Don't forget to draw the pattern inside the dress as shown in the illustration below. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

Step 2

Time to add some colors! I prefer to create new shapes behind the outlines. The result is a more flexible image. It will be practical later when we will add some shadows on the character. For colors, you can add some black for the hair, red for the dress and a light skin color on the hands, the ears and the face. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

Step 3

Select the gradient fill tool in your vector application to create basic shadows on the Chinese character. For instance, you can add a dark red color on the bottom of the dress and a lighter version on top. The image is already more interesting, but we can do more to end up with something visually appealing. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

Step 4

Remember when I said that creating outlines and solid shapes separately could be a good idea? Well it's now time to draw additional shapes that are placed in areas not affected by the light source. 

You can also select a darker color for these new shapes and use transparency to create a subtle effect. Otherwise, if all shapes are completely opaque the result will be hard to read and not as interesting. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

Step 5

This is the result once all shadows are added. The illustration looks nice, but once again we can do better! Now that shadows and dark areas have been added, why not create highlights to give more volume to this character?

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

Step 6

Draw white shapes on the hair, the face, the shirt, the arms, the hands and the dress. All shapes are mostly transparent and only a small portion must be visible. These highlights must be subtle!

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

Good job creating this cartoon Chinese girl! 

As you can see, drawing a simple cartoon Chinese girl like the one below can be done using basic shapes and simple effects from a vector application. Feel free to create more original characters using the same technique and have fun! :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Chinese Girl

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