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how to draw a cartoon chihuahua from simple shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Chihuahua From Simple Shapes

Feel like drawing a cute cartoon chihuahua? Great news! You can learn to draw four of them! Indeed, this series is featuring all cute chihuahuas available on this site. Sketching this adorable dog using basic shapes and simple textures has never been so fun! If you can draw a few simple shapes like a rectangle or a circle, then you can do it!

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs often known for barking more than other breeds. We do know that they were already among us for the past 15 000 years. These fun creatures come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. In this series, we will mostly work with brown dogs. Of course, feel free to modify the colors and patterns if you want to.

Drawing our first chihuahua using a large rectangle

You can start this lesson of a chihuahua clipart by sketching a large rectangle. On top of the shape, just add two large ears made from perfect curved lines. Inside the silhouette, add two larger eyes made from circles. Pupils are done using smaller shapes.

Notice how both eyes are partially cropped on both sides of the character. The nose is represented by a small triangle while the mouth is made from a single line. Inside the ears, you can draw subtle patches. Multiple lines are needed to draw the arms, feet, tail and patch of the animal. Add colors and you are done.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chihuahua

Working on a cute cartoon chihuahua made from circles

For this next version on how to draw a chihuahua, you can draw a large head using an oval shape. Make sure the top is slightly narrower. The body is done using a short rectangle. Curved lines are needed to form all four legs of the creature. Inside the head, draw two large circles to illustrate the head.

A small oval shape can be added for the nose. A tiny bow is drawn on top of the head. Pupils are made from tiny circles and the tail from a triangular shape. You can add more details like the mouth, the patches inside the ears and reflections on the pupils. Add colors and enjoy! :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Chihuahua

Let's play with basic textures

So far, we have created cute images mostly made from simple shapes. This time, let's work on a chihuahua illustration filled with basic textures. Just like previous versions, our current subject is built using oval shapes and rectangles. A few squares are also needed. The silhouette of the animal is done using tons of short lines.

Eyes are made from dots and the nose is sketched using a thick irregular shape. Add brown colors all over the character. On the left side of the cartoon chihuahua, you can draw simple shadows using plain colors. Finally, complete this lesson by creating several small hair using short straight lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chihuahua

A more complex character also done using basic shapes

Our last character is also featuring a cute illustration of a chihuahua made from basic shapes. However, this time some parts of the character are drawn using more complex lines. Like all tutorials from this series, the basic template is done using rectangles and oval shapes.

When it comes to drawing the ears and head, several curved lines are needed. Eyes are made from medium circles and a large patch is added around the mouth. More patches are sketched inside the ears. You can also draw short lines on the paws and inside the back legs. Add colors and you are done with this lesson!

How To Draw A Cartoon Chihuahua

Drawing a cute cartoon chihuahua can be done using a multiple of basic techniques. It's fun to see that only a simple rectangle can be used to illustrate a cute dog like this one. You can now try to sketch more chihuahuas using these useful tips, but with your own style. Enjoy!

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