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How to Draw A Cartoon Chicken using an oval shape

Learning how to draw a cartoon chicken can easily be done using a single oval shape. That's the goal of this tutorial ... to help you sketch this adorable animal using only a single shape. You will also have the opportunity to see a few interesting alternatives that you can also try using a vector application (or any other drawing tools you are comfortable with).

Chickens are fun little creatures quite popular in farms and during Easter. Did you know that a chicken will modify its calls when attacked by different predators? Another fun myth is that chickens cannot fly. Yes they can, but only on a very short distance. Finally, it's weird to learn that the earth is populated with more chickens than humans. No chance to see this bird rule the earth, but that's an interesting idea.

let's study a cute chicken clip art

Before learning to draw this tiny creature, let's study a little bit more its anatomy. First, you can see that the head and body of the character are small and delicate. The beak is also short, but very sharp near the end (1).

Both legs are also thin and fragile (2) while the back of the animal is mostly round (3). The shanks are tiny and each foot has three toes. Since chickens are not mature yet, wings are rather short and hard to see (4). The neck is long, but mostly covered with feathers.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chicken

Analyzing our subject using basic shapes

Decomposing our chicken into shapes show that our subject is created using two main circles for the body and the head. Notice how the body looks like a big egg. On the other hand, the legs and the beak are made of several triangles and rectangles.

The tail is not really big so a little rectangle will be enough. The neck looks large and thick, but once again this is probably due to the presence of feathers. Great! It's now time to draw the cartoon chicken using only a large oval shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chicken

drawing a cartoon chicken using a single shape

If you are looking for a simple character to draw, then this is definitely the one for you! You can start this tutorial by drawing a large oval shape. This one is drawn using a slight angle (close to forty-five degrees). Next, you can draw pupils using small dots.

The beak is made from two additional oval shapes. Three curved lines are used to form the wing. You can sketch some hair on the top and the back of the animal. Tiny legs and feet are created using thin rectangles. You can use plain colors inside the cartoon character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chicken

More cute chickens that you can try!

The first character available below was the ones we used for this lesson. The second one is also made from a single shape, but the animal seems larger and less flexible. Subject number three is closer to reality. Proportions are not 100% accurate, but we are creating a cartoon character after all.

I really like the fourth version. It's a nice mix between a chicken clip art and the real thing. The last two examples are mostly made from rectangles and circles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Chicken

I hope you had fun creating this lovely chicken using mostly basic shapes and lines. It's nice to see that a complex animal can be represented using only a few basic elements, something that is easier for beginners. If you want to try more cool cartoon chickens from this site, then you can try all three basic lessons below. Have fun!

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