How to Draw Cartoon Characters

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Whether they come from space or from beyond the grave, whether they are young, old or eternal, knowing how to draw cute cartoon characters is always essential if you want to become a professional artist.

Creating comic strips without characters can be quite challenging! Designing your character's personality and physical appearance is probably one of the most exciting part of making a comic strip.

Don't hesitate to write down a complete biography of your character before you start sketching. His personality and his action can ultimately influence or even change the physical image you had of your character in the first place.

Here are a few samples to get started. :)

The first set consist of simple illustration filled with sketches, tips and fun facts. Here is the complete list of characters:

The second set of tutorials is made of simple step-by-step lessons. In most cases, each step is commented to give you an inside look at how to achieve your illustration perfectly.

How to use these drawing lessons

There are two types of drawing lessons in this section. First, some tutorials contain not only the drawing lesson itself, but also a few sketches of different characters and a few tips on important features that must be added. You can also enjoy a few fun facts to learn more about each character.

The other drawing lessons are simply made of easy commented steps. These tutorials are usually newer, but not necessarily more/less interesting and/or better than the old ones. They are simply different. It's up to you to choose between both format and see which one you prefer.

Are these tutorials appropriated for beginners?

Yes, but you can find easier drawing lessons if you want to. Just select any lessons under the "Beginners" section in the navigation menu on your left. These tutorials are perfect if you have little or no drawing experience. You can still try a few cartoon characters from this section, but some of them might be tougher to execute.

Can I use a vector software to create these illustrations?

Once again, you can, but these lessons were designed to be drawn with a pencil. You can find optimized tutorials for vector application under the "Vector Tutorials" section in the navigation menu on your left.

What should I do to get the most out of these lessons?

Take your time and practice. Don't hesitate to draw a particular character more than once. It's tough to succeed on your first attempt, but you should be able to get nice results if you draw the character two or three times. 

If you feel like you're stuck and cannot proceed any further, just select a new character. You can always work on the original lesson later. Drawing is all about practicing and being dedicated.

Another good tip would be to start your sketches using a pencil that won't create dark lines. Basic shapes created in the beginning of the lesson are usually erased very quickly. If these shapes are hard to remove, your illustration might be hard to read.

You can also use ink once the sketch is done, but this step is optional for now. Your main goal should be to draw cartoon characters as perfectly as possible.

Can I have access to printable files featuring these characters?

Yes and no. Under the link "Printable Resources" in the navigation menu, click on "Ebooks". From there, you will have access to all exclusive printable resources available on this site. Not all characters are available, but a few of them are. Learning how to draw these cute illustrations will be much easier using these templates.

You want to draw more characters? I suggest you take a look at this cool website for more tips: How To Draw Cartoon Characters of your choice. Create your own cartoon pencil drawing, it's so easy to have your favorite cartoon figure everywhere...

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