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Submit Your Cartoon Characters!

You are good when the time comes to create an original cartoon character? Why not share your artwork with us? In this section, only original cartoon characters are accepted. It's the perfect place to show your drawing talent, but also how original and creative you are!

Submit your cartoon character

To make your character more believable, don't hesitate to tell us a little bit more about him. Where does he come from? What's is name?

What's the background of your character? All this information will help the reader identify himself with your fictional character!

So look around you! Get your inspiration from your friends, neighbors and family! And after that, create the most original character and share it with us!

Have fun!

Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your drawing will be approved:

  • JPG format only. Preferably optimized for the web.
  • Please make sure that your submission is relevant to this category. Otherwise, you might want to submit your drawing in another section.
  • Submissions with no text (and only a picture) will be rejected. A description about your techniques, your work or yourself is really appreciated. This will make your submission more interesting for the visitors.
  • Review your submission to avoid typos.
  • You can submit multiple images.
  • All submissions need to be approved before going live online. So it is useless to spam.

Thank you for sharing your drawing and don't be afraid to show your page to your friends!

Please note that all drawings submitted by you or by other artists are available below the submission form. 

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors:

Daffy Duck 
Daffy Duck

Gymnastic Horse Flipping Off a Spring Board 
While this anthropomorphic horse is having trouble lifting a barbell, especially with the barbell trapping his arms and legs, he rolls on the barbell like …

Horse in Goofy Gymnastics 
A cartoon horse performing silly gymnastics Inspired by the 1949 Disney Animated Short, “Goofy Gymnastics” This horse is having trouble …

Candy money 
3 brothers open up a kiddie casino where candy is the currency but their competitors run a sleep over committee and don't take well to the new group "getting …

Yoly Polie queen of PolieLand 
Yoly,she's queen of PolieLand and nicest all around. Everyone loved her,except ,her jealous twin brother Lolie .He was born to be king, but their father …

crazy bird of crazy ADI 
feeling nervous while submitting it here ..... lets see if u guys like it or not

the smiling shark of the bahamas 
The smiling shark of the bahamas this seemingly friendly creature can only be seen once every fifty years when it smiles its flashy pearly it scares it …

selfie the cell phone 
Selfie the fun talking cell phone that teaches children numbers and the alphabet.

Emma is 18 years old. Settled in US. she is having trouble with her exisiting phone. Her friend is Tiara

Many people love kittens and cats. But i love raptors, dinosaurs and all reptiles)

If i want to draw - i draw. Drakiri is my favorite character. I found this site first. I never show my work on the internet. Do not judge stricty)P.s. …

Lil Lappy 
Lil Lappy was drawn from my imagination about a character from Steven universe (Lapis Lazuli) as a child

Starboy is a new superhero I drawed. I am also busy drawing him his own team, just like the Justice league etc. I also attach the first member of his …

The school guy 
The only problem bigger than any math problem for the school guy is to abstain his sleep during lectures...

Crykee is from a world we yet to explore. He represents me in another dimension. His age is unknown. He doesn't have a family, but he also doesn't need …

Made from imagination . in this boy and a girl are kissing but boy is made on the board.....

dragon ball-z  
Collection of dragon ball-z and I made these from small strickers ...

Brandon's art work  
It's just a simple sketch I just wanna see what I did wrong and what I did good

Cute & Funny Cartoon 
Want to be a Cartoonist...

cruel butterfly 
i draw a cruel butterfly. its my imaginary. its a pencile drawing

Snakes and the Deadmouse 
I just doodled it the other day, there is no back story. It reminds me of magazine cartoons in the 70's that I used to see as a kid, imperfect and silly. …

Gwen the drummer 
She is part of an all girl band.She doesn't like being bossed around.

Electric Justice 
This is a low down version of a superhero I made a couple years back. He is a guy with electric powers and weapons. I am also a 13 year old. I hope you …

ham tum cartoon 
Two funny character in this cartoon sketch,one him and another tum

dragon ball z 
Here's a drawing of one oglf my favorite cartoons

Kina the foxat 
Nina is a half fox half cat female. Her father Ken is a fox and her mother Karole is a cat. She has a twin sister called Karrie.

Ellie the Elaphant  
This is a character I made. And I hope you can remodel it in a little of a better way and make a cartoon of Ellie the Elaphant. Thank you and I'm 14 yrs …

At the beach  
Two monsters at the beach having a good time and fishing

Halloween is coming soon,are you ready?

Mail Man 
We all know how some days The mail man has a rough day and this just one of those days!

The FAMOUS Taz, Betty Boop, Peppy la Pue  
Taz from Lunny Tunes The Sensational Betty Boop The Lovely Dovey Peppy la Pue

The orginal Jamie n Marci 
My first attempt of human cartooning.

Saroaha is an Egyptian symbols-gems inbended filled dog of the Gods. She was placed to protect the Pharaoh and his wife, the Queen of Egypt for the process …


vector drawing

Gladiator 3 
hand drawn and scanned self made

digital made for animation by me

digital made for animation by me

digital made for animation by me

digital made for animation by me

some times my teacher look like this 
Try to make a model self, hand drawn and scanned

Gladiator 2 
Try to make a model self, hand drawn and scanned

Try to make a model self, hand drawn and scanned

kanie amagi brilliant park 
this drawing is from an anime series amagi brilliant park

This is a drawing of one of my favourite cartoon character noddy by enid bliton and i love to draw .....

Grumpy yorkshie  
Yorkshie is a robot who is usually in a grumpy mood.He can also be really sweet.He is very crazy all the time. He is always screaming and always having …

Lord krishna

To LIVE and DIE on MARS 
Angelo Berlusconi is on a secret quest to rule the Solar System. He belongs to a secret royal line, a birthright from a cult made up of demon-worshippers. …

This cartoon drawn my daughter called harini. she is 9 yrs old studying year5 in topsy turvey school in bangkok. I want to upload this cartoon here. I …

Elsa Frozen By Zyra 
Elsa is a snow queen in the disney movie, Frozen. I have drawn her, on paint.

Shark Loves His Lady,So cutely displayed,by Sharky eating his Cookie.Ahhhhhhhhh....

Copperfield's Dilemma  
Poor David Copperfield!

Milah and Pete The Fox 
Milah is a sweet and adventurous little girl in the story I am writing. Abandoned by her mother, she is raised by a giant fox named Pete, whom everyone …

Cheekab is a cartoon character who is pigeon and friend of totaktot which is another character of parrot. Both are fast friends and are caretakers at cherry …

Totaktot is a cartoon character created by me who is a parrot and is friend of a pigeon named as Cheekab which is also created by me. Both are the caretakers …

Santa is here 
Hi, i am Mehtab ali i luv drawing. I have made a drawing of santa just have a look:-)

He is one of my characters, chibi version

Sword Master 
Swords Battle


a simple beauty 
i love to sketch, specially if it can say something..

baby aarna 
baby aarna is a hyper active super smart baby.loves skating..

A sketch of a kpop idol named T.O.P from big bang. I decided to do a portrait of him the best i can.

An original character Ive been working on

He is rockstar.....

Varun and his friends 
Varun gets his new girlfriend Ria that makes his other friend jealous.

Just Visiting - T.R.Hart 
Dogs from Space visit the Earth

Teeny and His Friends 
Teeny is an cute little orange creature I invented back in 2009! I made this picture in 2014, though.

Flowers i drew 
I drew these flowers and uploaded it and will put them on the pinterest page like I have the others.

three cute cats 
copied this and made it a little different from an old fashioned card. Hope you like it.

Tulips dancing 
I drew this on the computer and colored it.

I drew this one day out of nowhere and just couldn't stop... I looked at it after and can actually imagine this becoming a real cartoon one day. I took …

Picture of drawing of orchids. 
Hope you like this digital drawing I did on the computer.

Flashy is a excellent writer. She writes articles about food and restaurants. She travels all over the world looking for unusual food.

Molly C 
Molly C is a crazy movie star who love shoes and she is very friendly. She played in many movies and films.

Stick animals and man 
I drew this on the computer and also colored it. Hope you like it.

cat chasing bird 
I drew from a book on the computer and colored it also on the computer.

Funny farm 
Do we really know what goes on in the crazy house??

Riffy dont like mail man! 
Riffy waits every day for Mr post man just waiting to jump all over him!

snowman dancing 
I copied from a book and it's drawn on the computer and I made it dance on powerpoint.

collage of my drawings 
I drew from books and put it in a collage.

Noah (for Lyme disease) 
Aside from doing cartoons for a greeting card publisher, I do Lyme disease cartoons as I have it going on four years. I don't do them for profit of any …

Tick Boom 
Having had Lyme disease for four years now, I decided to draw some cartoons about Lyme disease and living with this crap!...hey, there's humor in everything!!! …

This pic of a panther head was my school mascot I thought about drawing It because never tried it before and it came out looking really good

à l'Américaine 
Nickname: Kally.... Origin: Indian origin(but I'm from Montreal)....

Ninja Jellyfish 
This is a Ninja Jellyfish. He is very NINJA like!

Roxy Mohawk! 
Not Lovin' his new cat hair cut from baby Buckroe!

Maternity Chicken 
She's ready to pop!

Casual Thoughts. With Bralph. "Fishing" 
Bralph. A casual man with common thoughts. Follow him through different situations and see how simple, funny and innocent things can be.

TOE JOE is the one that gets your toes when they're hanging off the edge of the bed!

Mime Rhyme 
My drawing for my silly little poem. Can a Mime make a rhyme? Sure a Mime can make a rhyme. But who would hear it?

Tribal Art Skull 
Tribal art - flaming skull

My main man bob... hes seen better times but that doesnt stop him from keeping happy

Fuzzkins- hey babe time 4 a cup of coffee!! Honeybuns-yipppeeee yum yum yummy!! Fuzzkins-do u want 1?? Honeybuns-ofcourse i love coffee made by u... …

Baseball player 
He is playing baseball and he is very good. He made a homerun in a fictional game.

Little ballerina 
This is a ballerina. She is dancing. I hope you will like her.

I start classically using pen and paper first. Then I use some softwares like Photoshop, Image Ready, I coloured it...then is ready.

I start classically using pen and paper first. Then I use some softwares like Photoshop, Image Ready, I coloured it...then is ready.

I start classically using pen and paper first. Then I use some softwares like Photoshop, Image Ready, I coloured it...then is ready.

I start clasicly usin pen and paper first.Then I use some softwares like Photoshop, Image Ready, I coloured it...then is ready.

A play on words and a play on food!

Credit card 
Sometimes an idea and or concept will come first at which point I will draw the idea with headline and payoff. In this case however as I will do from time …

Characters Ick-2010, and Glibb-1999

Peachman group pic 
They are elf-life creatures that live on a fictional island called Peachman Land. They all wear green tunics and have a tuque or hood with three bells. …

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Night Walk 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Violinist under the Tree 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Wizard 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Victory of Perseus 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Quartet 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Princess 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Piano 
Original Prototype Oil Panting.

The Nymph 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Horse 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Harpist 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Fiddler 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Clown 
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Cello 
Original Prototype Oil Painting.

The Bridge 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Sleeping Tree 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Sitting in the Park 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Sea Nymph 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Rock Singer 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing

Reading by the Fountain 
Original Prototype Drawing

Candy Gang Comics 
A LUV wish for all

Reading by the Fountain 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Pottery Girl 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Playing the Lyre in the Cave 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Playing the Lyre by the Fountain 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Guitarist in Nature 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Lady with the Umbrella 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Lady Ann 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

In Africa 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Icarus Landing 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Icarus Ascending 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Guitarist by the Door 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Guitar Lady 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Guitar Girl 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Flying through Dimensions 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Girl with the Violin 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Girl on a Swing 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Gentleman Walking down the Street 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Dancing Gymnast 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Guitarist by the Lamp 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Dancing in the Air 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Ballerina in White 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Ballerina in Purple 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Dancing in the Cave 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Original Prototype Drawing.

Broadway Dancing 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Suzanne on the Tree 
Original Prototype Drawing.

Suzanne at the Door 
Original Prototype Drawing

Suzanne the Nurse 
Michael Repoulis original protype drawings.

Suzanne Waiting 
Michael Repoulis original protype drawings.

Suzanne Driving 
Michael Repoulis original protype drawings.

simple drawing of man holding flower

Reminds me of a Gunsmoke episode...

I want to party with this dude.....

Kool Dude 
my next hero, fit n fine :)

Killer wanted 
give me nice comments :D

Cartoon me

This is a single panel funny with the Candy Gang character named "Baby Dumplings"....he has taken advice from the hit song by M.Jackson "man in the mirror" …

time to revenge

happy face 
cute face

Sadness !!  
this girl is thinking about his past love life

SO , are you ready to learn with me ??

Some of my manga drawings 
Basicly i love to use pen or pencil for drawings and sometimes oi pastel


ready to play.

Help please 
stop please..........

Welcome !! 
this person is welcoming all with cute smiling ...

Zooofy the alien 
this is funny alien who came from mars especially to make you laugh like him . :D

Bathroom Singer 
this drawing is about singer , hmm!! i mean bathroom singer

Cartoon characters 
I like to drawing when I was 10. But today my likeness is more because now I am used to just grab the pencil and start draw, but also can understand the …

Hi, people! Here is a pic that I finished recently. This guy is very competitive (just like me). Rico

Eden Of East 
my new series, i really don't like using ms paint but i do a good job on it

Hi, Everyone! This is not a fictional character, this is ME! Don't I look just absolutely GREAT??? Um,... er,... Yeah! Well! Enjoy! Rico

Cartoon in Word Art.

Colourful Geometry Boy 
Hi, I am in 10th standard. I come from a village in India where we were introduced to Computers & Internet recently. I was introduced to this site …

Hired Gunman 
Hi, my name is Rico Cilliers. I'm 16 years old and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I made this picture of a Hired Gunman just to test my drawing …

Jaxon is a jack rusell terrier. He get's into all sorts of miscief.

This Powerful and Wonderful Character is called Halo Da Hero. He is over 40,000 years old, from another world here to help mankind by using his powers, …

Wild cow... 
Ever wonder what happens when you live on a farm and you have children who love to get into things there not suppose to?

cute boy cartoon 
It's name is BETTY which shows the cuteness of the world. it is made in paint software.

Funny Farm 
I got the idea for my cartoon from people always saying how crazy poeple are who get sent to a padded room for doing crazy things so here is my thought …

Just an average day... 
Several of my characters, just "relaxing".

I draw Me! 
Here's how I try to draw myself as what my mind conceived.Hope U all like it.

enjoy music 
happy time with you <3

Zog Prepares for Work 
This is one of my cartoons from the Mr. Fuddlesby website. The series is called Just Visiting. It depicts aliens very much like ourselves.

Teddy Bear! 
This is my first time using so much shading and different colors. I am using my new Bamboo Pen tablet in a program called Gimp. Tell me what you think! …

a.a.p drawings 
i drew this and everyone likes it so i might put that on my cartoon called ''Total drama college series wiki'' but the rets are what i did

TDR high  
this drawing is from TDR high,this is from when court and dunkan ever kissed

two people kissing 

Little Girl 
a lil' girl who represents my lil' sister.

my mom and me 
it's actually a cover of students' assembly for the parents. and it was mother's day. i was thinking about drawing mom and children without particular …

My second painting software drawing, showing my respect for my braces(even if sometimes they hurt terriably). Hope you like it.

Bwana Njox 
Bwana Njox is a snake character who loves kuseka, which means "to laugh", in Chichewa, the native language of Malawi. He is a very naughty, funny and …

amazing nights 
Its about 16 year old teenagers saving the day, but also beingfriends. This is a popular show, they hang out everywhere better than the mall. they change …

Emma The Super Sneaky Girl 
Emma is a crime fighter who rescue the day. but still goes to highschool and has a sidekick, her best friend. nonthing can stop emma, or can it?

teen meen for 16 
This show is about 5 teenagers spend there day at the mall. Nikki,katlin,kianna,jake,and jude will be the characters along with allexis and crystal, they …

Me as a cartoon character! 
My name is James and I am 24 years of age. Here is a self cartoon portrait of me. I had someone snap a digital photo of myself, then I sketched it out …

the confused man

Shrew Ninja Boy 
He is an assassin he kill peeple.

A cute (ugly but adorable) girl. 
A cute (ugly but adorable) girl.

The pale slug 
here is the pet of the pale man from pans labyrinth

Guitarist Bear 
This is Mr Bear..He is a guitarist in the famous animal orchestra group.

To tame the beast 
Lol My sonic char, Pretzellia and my Transformers char, Twittlestar XD I just love to draw them so lol

just a drawing 
this is just a picture i drew cuz i got bored

Leaky Toilet 
A "slightly" leaky toilet.

It's a weird green alien who just got out of bed and is really tired. Freaky and funny!

Steath Turtle 
would love to see him be in a superhero cartoon.

Bad Ass Asain Gangstar 
From my home made Cartoon series Hard ass military guy *.

what you think ?? 
i saw ur web and i like it so much would u tell me ur opinion about my graffiti .. sorry my english not that good .. with best wishes Hadeel …

Lady bird 
its so cute n funny looking ladybird

i draw this on my friend's note book in uni

Boxer Dog "Harvey" 
I was inspired by this website to try vectorising my sketches - it's so easy with Xara! This is my first attempt. I put each & every feature on a seperate …

Chloe the clown! 
My Drawing is a clown at a carnival!!


Jack First Date 
Jack Wilson (Left) Jack Wilson was born in 1st January 1994, he’s parents are unknown. He’s been raised by his grand-father, John Wilson. Jack has many …

Super-AL Remembers 
Super-AL is a salesman in real life but in his dreams he is a superhero. His monkey toy from childhood features in some of his adventures. I used Adobe …

biblical angel 
This is one of god's angels. Her name is Athena, and she looks over the world, bringing peace.

My henchman 
The henchman is the loyal servant to the main villain in the comic/animation series I am working on this is the drawing I made of him with pencil and paper …

Nice drawings of a boy and a girl

babys namashte 
I Draw this catoon and use corel draw and adobe illutrator.

Baby Buckroe 
The Buckroe Beach Baby! That is where he likes to play. You'll see him almost everyday!

Happy face 
Hi, I have created this in photoshop while browsing through brushes casually. This is a the result of brush strokes applied casually. Deep :)

Coco Monkey 
This is the coco pop monkey!

What do you think? 
This is an unfinished sketch of a final piece I'm doing for my portfolio.

my oc ^^ I love her and shes so cool, but crazy Oo... but this is a new design for her ^^

run run run ...

Hammocking Not rated yet
this is a self-portrait. or at least an ideal one.

Aveberry Not rated yet
"Aveberry " the hippy, cliché hippy, a bit dim but enthusiastic, still recovering from the 60s. A happy chap, interested in everything, loves travelling …

Tisha's classroom Not rated yet
Well....a class room in rural india, the teacher is not trained enough.So she takes inspiration from a one popular Bollywood song to define English letters! …

Think Not rated yet
When we think , how we react knowingly or unknowingly

Chadwick Not rated yet
Chadwick is a British gentleman inspired by my lovely fiancé's Nanny. She was born in Chelmsford and made her way to the United States when she was in …

Needle in the haystack Not rated yet
Needle in the haystack

Shadow Bolt x Rarity Not rated yet

Chang Long Not rated yet
Chinese Hero

Sawmi Not rated yet
Indian Sawmi carector who do holi works for holious people he love eating Indian sweets

Henry Not rated yet
This is one of my friend's pic which I made just to gift him on his birthday...

Allen's Girl Not rated yet
Just Visiting Cartoon's by T.R.Hart

Family Not rated yet
I am an upcoming cartoonist from India.

My real life diary.

HOSS Not rated yet
Cowboy Philosopher

Its lazy man Not rated yet
Its lazy

VAN hawsaan - Anamay Shastri Not rated yet
my drawing is about my moods i draw my moods or how am felling i just draw :D

I have been working on a real life cartoon diary of my life. This is a caroon image of myself. I would like to make a more comical funny comic strip …

Random Cartoon Drawings Not rated yet

free hand drawing Not rated yet
Cool guy

Santa Claus Not rated yet
He is the one giving us gifts to make kids happy.

Superhero Not rated yet
Her power is to wrap the city with love and friendship.

FRUITS Not rated yet
I start classically using pen and paper first. Then I use some softwares like Photoshop, Image Ready, I coloured it...then is ready.

Maldon Not rated yet
Maldon 1St short

Ick-N-Glibb Not rated yet
Ick created in 2010. Glibb created in 1999

Classical Guitarist Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Melinda Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Urania Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Thaleia Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Terpsichore Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Melpomene Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Panope Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Euterpe Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Clio Travelling Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Zoe Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Tree Image Four Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Tree Image Three Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Tree Image Two Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Tree Image One Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Travelling on Meteors Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Three Mermaids Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Theseus Rescuing Persephone Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Violinist Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Violinist Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Tunnel Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Piper Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Owl Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Mirror Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Javelin Thrower Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Gymnast Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Flutist Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Dryad Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Cellist Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

The Athlete Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Thales Contemplating Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Spring Girl Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Rock Guitarist Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Reading by the Cave Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Playing the Piano Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Playing the Kithara Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Pegasus Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Climbing the Steps Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Icarus Flying Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Guitarist on a Stool Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

Ballerina in Green Not rated yet
Original Prototype Drawing.

welcome again Not rated yet
hello !! how are you ?

Cute couple  Not rated yet
Cute smiling of girl and smartness of boys :D

this is a drawing of famous scientist Konrad Lorenz and his famous books are "King Solomon's Ring" and "On Aggression". I hope you'll like the drawing …

Even Dinosaurs Have Insecurities Not rated yet
Just because someone is big and terrifying doesn't mean that they don't have flaws and insecurities.

Hound dog.. Not rated yet
Ever wonder what really happened the first time Elvis sang his famous hit song.."Aint nothing but a hound dog"

team evil vs team good Not rated yet
who will win?

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