How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

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Learn how to create a simple cartoon chameleon using a few basic elements like curved lines, circles and a few digital effects. Of course, this lesson should be quite easier if you already know how to use a vector application. 

Adding cool digital effects to create more volume and more life on this illustration is not a difficult task. Let me show you how you could draw a fun chameleon like the one available below using only five easy steps. Let's draw now! :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

Step 1

First, you must illustrate this cartoon character using a bunch of curved lines and some circular shapes (for the pupil and the eye). Remember that no solid shapes are needed as this point. Only outlines are drawn and filled with colors in this step. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

Step 2

Next, it's now time to add these solid shapes filled with plain colors behind the outlines done previously. The animal is mostly filled with a bright green color and a subtle yellow one. Only the pupils is filled with a different color: black. Of course, the branch is colored in brown. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

Step 3

It's now time to work on this cool character and create something amazing! Using the gradient fill tool, add a second color (usually darker) on all shapes found in the illustration. For instance, the top of the branch is colored with a bright brown color while the bottom is filled with a similar color, but darker. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

Step 4

Using the gradient fill tool to create simple effects is great, but adding new shapes to create stronger shadows is also a good option to create more depth. These new shapes are usually a darker version of the color found behind. You can see these new shapes below (the ones with a temporary blue and pink outlines). 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

Step 5

In this last step, instead of working on adding more shadows, let's create highlights using a few additional white shapes. These new shapes are added inside the eye, on top of the head, over the eye, inside the pupil and on the branch. Once again, you can play with the opacity of these new elements to create a subtle effect. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

Drawing this cartoon chameleon was easy! Do you agree?

Nice work! This is the final illustration once all digital effects are added. Feel free to create your own version of a chameleon using these tips. :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Chameleon

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