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How to Draw A Cartoon Cell using basic effects

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Learn how to create a simple cartoon cell using fun digital effects. In fact, you will learn how to draw two identical cells so that you can see why making these elements slightly transparent can be a good idea (and closer to reality).

These two cells are quite easy to draw. Only two circular shapes are needed and they don't need to be perfect. However, adding some effects to create the desired organic look is definitely more challenging. Let's start now! :)

Step 1

First, let's illustrate both cells using circles made from irregular lines. Each cell is made from two circular shapes. Make sure that one of these cells is partially hiding the other one. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Step 2

Next, it's time to add colors inside both objects. The smaller circle in the middle can be filled with a bright green color while the larger one can be colored in blue. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Step 3

To see how transparency will affect both elements, add a dark color to the background. Use the gradient fill tool to apply a circular fill. The center can be blue while the rest of the background can be colored in black. Each cell's outline can be colored in white.

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Step 4

Duplicate the green circle and change the color to white. Then, reduce the size of the circle a little bit and add transparency to partially hide this shape. The green circle can also be filled with a circular fill to give more depth and volume to the center of the cell.

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Step 5

On the left side of each circular shapes, draw another darker shape to illustrate shadows. Play with the opacity of these objects to make sure that the result is subtle and fun to look at. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Step 6

Draw another circle around the smallest one found in the middle inside each cell. Fill these new shapes with a bright blue color and blur the outline to create a subtle effect. Please see step number seven to see how it looks once the effect is applied. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Step 7

Duplicate the large circles and change the color (white). Reduce the size of these new shapes and partially hide the bottom of these new elements. On the green circles, draw two more white circles and apply transparency to create another subtle effect. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

Step 8

Finally, complete this drawing tutorial by adding a large circular shape on top of each cell. Play with the opacity of these new circular shapes and you are done!

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

A perfect cartoon cell in just eight easy steps! :)

Below is the result once all effects are applied. Each cartoon cell looks genuine and transparent. Be careful not to add too many effects otherwise the illustration might be harder to read. Have fun! :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Cell

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