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how to draw cartoon cats using cute shapes and colors

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw cute cartoon cats using only a few basic shapes, lines and colors. As you can see in the illustration above, the head and the body are drawn using the same large rectangular shape. All legs and arms are represented by short rectangles while the pupils and the eyes are made from circles. Let's see how we can create this adorable cat in just six easy steps ...

Adding three lines to form the body

Let's begin this tutorial by adding three simple lines to form the bottom part of the body / head. Notice how these three lines are sharp and pointed on both ends. 

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

Small triangles to create the ears

On top of the head, you need to sketch two small triangles to form the ears of the cat. The top of the head is represented by a short curved line. Now that the body and the ears are created, Let's proceed with the next step featuring the arms and the legs.

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

Short rectangles to represent the arms and the legs

For the legs and the arms, simply sketch four short rectangles as shown below. The arms are slightly longer and narrower while the legs are short and thick. For the tail, simply use a long curved line.

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

Time to create a cute face

Inside the character, you can draw large circles to form the eyes and smaller ones to represent the pupils. The nose is made from a simple oval shape.

Finally, short lines are needed to create the eyebrows and represent the teeth added inside the open mouth. Excellent! That's a cute facial expression!

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

More details to create cool cartoon cats

In order to create adorable cartoon cats, we need to add more details inside the character. First, sketch a few curved lines to form the whiskers. Then, add small pointed lines near the tip of the arms and the legs as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

Colors to complete this drawing lesson

All we need to do is add a few basic colors to make this illustration more appealing. In this case, the animal is filled with a bright brown color. The pupils, the nose and the tail are slightly darker. Lines inside the mouth are colored in gray.

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

Good job drawing a fun cartoon character in just six easy steps

Below you can see the complete tutorial located in one single illustration. More simple cartoon cats can be found on this site. First, you can learn how to draw a cat made from circles. Then, you can try this video featuring a cat colored in gray. Finally, you can enjoy a more complex cartoon cat filled with cool details

How To Draw Cartoon Cats

Have fun working with these additional illustrations below and don't forget to practice as often as needed.

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