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How to Draw A Cartoon Cat using fun shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat Using Fun Shapes

Drawing a nice cartoon cat using only rectangles and triangles can be an interesting exercise. After all, this fun creature is usually depicted using long curved lines and perfect circles. Both techniques can give interesting results, but using sharp shapes is definitely not a common approach.

Cats are without a doubt the most popular animal you can find online. Whether it's videos, memes or avatars, they are everywhere! In this lesson, I will show you how to illustrate an original version in just six easy steps. Ready? Let's start with this lesson now. :)

adding a single rectangle to begin with

First, let's draw a large rectangle to form the body of the animal. The head of the cat will also be included in this shape. Make sure that this rectangle is large enough to contain the head and the front legs of the subject.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

drawing the legs using more squares and rectangles

On the bottom of the character, you can draw two large rectangles on both sides to represent the back legs. These shapes are aligned with the bottom of the body. In front of the character (and slightly lower), you can draw the front legs using two small squares.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

creating nice ears using triangles

To make sure that this cute animal does look like a cat (and not a dog), it's important to draw small ears made from pointed triangles. Once again, these new additions must be aligned with both sides of the character. You can see how the cartoon cat looks so far below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

adding the nose and some important details

Inside the main shape, you can draw the nose using a small triangle. This one should be located above the middle area of the body. Don't create a nose that is too large nor too big. A small triangle is more than enough.

Next, you can sketch some lines inside all four legs to complete these body parts. Each leg is filled with two small lines with pointed ends. Good work! This lesson is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

drawing a cute facial expression on the cartoon cat

Now that we are done with the bottom part of the character, let's work on the upper part using more small lines and basic shapes. First, draw the eyes using small dots. These are the only circular shapes used for this lesson. Next, draw a few lines under the nose to form the mouth of the feline.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

adding gradients to complete this fun lesson

It's now time to bring this character to life using gradients. This cartoon cat is mostly filled with gray colors. Only the nose is colored in pink. As you can see below, the top part of the body (near the head) is brighter than the bottom part. The same thing can be seen on all legs. Gradients can help create depth and volume quickly and easily.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

Nice work! I hope you had fun drawing this cool cat using only large rectangles and triangles. If you need more help drawing this fun subject, then you can look at the image below. This one is featuring all steps needed to sketch and draw this character in just minutes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat Using Fun Shapes

Now that we are done drawing this lovely cat, don't hesitate to work with more fun characters from this site. You can see a few additional cats below. Remember to practice on a daily basis! That's the key to success. Have fun!

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