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Drawing Cartoon Cars And Other fun Vehicles

Drawing Cartoon Cars And Other Fun Vehicles

This section will help you learn to draw cartoon cars and other vehicles like airplanes, motorcycles, bikes or boats. There is no doubt that our life has gotten a little bit easier since we are able to use helicopters, automobiles or buses. Imagine travelling from the US to Australia using only your feet or a piece of wood! Not really useful!

These lessons are more challenging than creating cartoon characters because a high dose of accuracy is needed. All objects are made with precision and it's important to be aware of this fact. Drawing a vehicle is more technical than sketching a character!

So grab a pencil (or open your vector application) and get ready to draw nice vehicles like the ones found below ...

Let's begin with a simple cartoon bicycle

Believe it or not, this tutorial featuring a cartoon bicycle is currently the third most popular lesson found on this site (and you can find more than 1000+ tutorials here!). Maybe it's because bikes are really popular or simply because this lesson is very easy to achieve ... I really don't know!

One thing is sure, you can easily create this vehicle using two large circles, three smaller ones and a bunch of tiny rectangles. Several designs are available online, so don't hesitate to play with the shape of this object.

You can either try the video lesson or the step-by-step tutorial found below. More videos featuring cool cartoon vehicles are also available on my Youtube channel. :)

Cartoon cars : bicycle

a school bus drawn with a simple perspective

Drawing cartoon cars or any other vehicles using perspective can be difficult. Fortunately, this is not the case here. As you can see below, the bus is simply represented by a large square and a long rectangle. The top of the bus can also be tricky to illustrate. 

Don't forget to draw a few windows that must narrower as they are located further in the image. Add some black and yellow colors on the object and you should end up with a fun school bus like the one shown here. :)

Cartoon cars : bus

Up in the air we go!

Tired of drawing vehicles that can only move around on the ground? Great! Let's try to draw a simple cartoon helicopter using a large oval shape and a few thin rectangles. This is a very basic version of a helicopter, so feel free to add more details if you want to.

Notice how the main rotor is slightly bent in the middle. The tail rotor is small and made from tiny rectangles too. The cockpit is curved near the right of the image and the landing skids are drawn from a mix of straight and curved lines.

Cartoon cars : helicopter

More objects are flying!

For this fourth sample, you can learn how to draw a balloon made from one large oval shape and an irregular rectangle. Notice the particular shape of the basket and the fact that this one is filled with a simple texture made from broken lines.

Long red stripes are drawn on the main envelope and some shadows are added on the object to give more depth to the final illustration. 

Cartoon cars : balloon

A surprising vehicle to learn to draw perspective

No ... we are not working on cartoon cars or airplanes for this other example. Instead, you can learn to draw a simple wheelchair made from several straight and curved lines using a difficult perspective. Remember when I said that the bus was easy to illustrate? ;)

Although this wheelchair seems complex and harder to draw than all other lessons we have tried so far, this object is still missing some important details that can be added if you feel like it. It all depends on the level of complexity you are ready to deal with.

Cartoon cars : wheelchair

More cartoon cars and other vehicles available here!

If you enjoyed these tutorials so far, then the good news is that more lessons featuring cool cartoon cars and other vehicles are available below. Feel free to try various models or even create your own vehicles using your imagination. As long as you are drawing (and having fun), then you will improve your drawing abilities for sure! :)

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