Drawing Cartoon Cars And Other Vehicles

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This section will help you learn to draw cartoon cars and other vehicles like airplanes or boats. There is no doubt that our life has gotten a little bit easier since we are able to use planes, automobiles or boats. Imagine travelling from the US to China using only your feet or a piece of wood! Not really useful!

Drawing cartoon cars and other vehicles

But don't expect to draw only cars or helicopters! You will also learn to draw motorcycles, bicycles and even a skateboard! As long as the object is moving and convenient to help you move from a place to another, chances are that this vehicle will end up in this section sooner or later!

So grab a piece of paper and a pencil and get ready to learn how to draw cars, balloons or ambulances. And don't be afraid to practice a lot! Drawing a vehicle is more technical than sketching a character.

Cartoons are forgiven since you can play with proportions and sizes. But when you draw an object like an airplane, this nice flexibility is suddenly disappearing. You need to be more accurate and precise in your artwork!

Here are all drawing lessons featured in this series:

Moving around with great illustrated vehicles!

Like I said previously, cartoon cars and other vehicles are tough to draw because you need precision and great accuracy to draw a solid object made from complex shapes. Making a simple mistake can turn a cute drawing into an amateur one. 

Proportions are important. Be careful when drawing a vehicle!

It's true that drawing cartoons also means the flexibility to use your imagination to distort reality. However, you still need to use accurate proportions and draw something similar to the real thing if you want to end up with a satisfying result.

Don't hesitate to use all the tools possible (a ruler, your thumb, etc...) to create the perfect illustration. Practicing is the key, but you also need to study your vehicle carefully. 

What should I start with? Wheels? The body?

In my drawing lessons, you can draw cartoon cars and vehicles using step-by-step images. However, sometimes you might feel like it's easier for you to start by drawing the wheels instead of the windows. Maybe you prefer to draw the wings before the body. 

Don't hesitate to select your own path if you are not comfortable with the one available here. The result is important, but the way to get there is even more crucial. Just select your favorite vehicle, draw the shapes as you wish and watch the evolution of your drawing abilities! :)

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