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how to draw a cartoon calculator using fun shapes

How to draw a cartoon calculator

In this basic lesson, you will Learn how to create a cartoon calculator using beautiful shapes made from round edges and simple plain colors. This tutorial is particularly easy to follow, even more if you can use a vector application while reading all steps described below.

You will also learn how to create a little bit of depth only using other basic shapes and we will apply one simple effect to complete this lesson! The final version of this calculator can be found in the illustration above. Ready? Let's draw!

step 1 - Adding rectangles with round corners

First, sketch the outside of the object using a large rectangle made from round corners. This shape should be slightly taller (compared to the width). Next, draw five rows and five columns of smaller rectangles (always using round corners). The only exception is the button found near the bottom right of the object: This shape is taller and will be used for the "+" button later in this tutorial. Finally, complete this step by drawing one large window and a thinner one on top of the cartoon calculator.

How to draw a cartoon calculator

step 2 - drawing more shapes to create volume

Duplicate the large shape used to form the main frame of the object and use this one to create depth on the bottom right of the illustration. Use the same technique on all buttons found on the calculator. For both windows located on top of the picture, things are a little bit different. Instead of adding a border on the bottom right of the shapes, you need to add this one on the top left. Our goal is to create the illusion of a hole inside the object.

How to draw a cartoon calculator

step 3 - time for some basic (and plain) colors

For this tutorial, the cartoon calculator is filled with a dark grey color. All buttons are slightly brighter while the window on top is yellow (a dark version) and the main window on the bottom is filled with a light grey color. All shapes created in the previous step to represent depth and volume are filled in black. 

How to draw a cartoon calculator

step 4 - drawing text

All buttons are filled with a number or a special symbol. If you are using a vector application to create your image, then simply use the text tool for this step. Some symbols might need to be drawn manually.

Inside the main window, you can also draw a few numbers using this particular font usually find in all electronic devices. In this example, I have created these numbers manually.

How to draw a cartoon calculator

step 5 - adding a few basic effects

On the main window, draw a few white stripes to illustrate the reflection seen on the glass. You can set the transparency to 50% for these new shapes (the effect is not applied here, but can be seen in the next step). On the top window (the one used to illustrate the solar-powered cells), just draw a few yellow stripes as shown in the illustration below.

How to draw a cartoon calculator

A nice cartoon calculator made from basic shapes

Excellent! This is the final image once all steps are completed. Of course, you can always go one step further and add more digital effects inside this illustration. For instance, you can add more shadows using the gradient tool or simply draw more shadows manually. Texture can also provide a more interesting result if you are patient enough to draw everything on all parts of the object.

How to draw a cartoon calculator

Have fun drawing more objects like this one!

A real challenge would be to draw another version of this calculator using no straight lines. Another option could be to create a simple cartoonish version with eyes, legs and arms. Whatever you decide to do, just draw! This is the best advice I can give you to help you improve your drawing abilities.

How to draw a cartoon calculator

When you are done, try more tutorials from this site below and have fun drawing. :)

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