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How to Draw Cartoon Bulldogs from basic shapes

How To Draw Cartoon Bulldogs From Basic Shapes

Learning how to draw cartoon bulldogs using mostly basic shapes can be a fun experience to try. Sketching a square or a rectangle is easy, so all you need to do is assemble a few simple shapes to create a cute character. Since we are working with a bulldog, you might have to use a few triangles too. The teeth, the collar and the paws are usually filled with sharp shapes.

Bulldogs are typically known for being aggressive and ferocious (whether it is true or not). This particular breed is visually fun to illustrate since it has a lot of fun features to implement. A small nose, short legs and a weird mouth ... this is a fun and challenging dog to create!

let's start with the body and the back legs

Remember that we are using only basic shapes to illustrate this cartoon animal. Your biggest challenge is to make sure that all elements are drawn using accurate proportions. It's also important to align all rectangles and squares properly.

Let's start by adding the body and head using a single long rectangle. On both sides of this shape, create the legs using two additional rectangles. All three shapes must be perfectly aligned near the bottom.

How To Draw Cartoon Bulldogs

working on the front legs and the ears

On top of the main rectangle, you can draw both ears using tiny triangles. Bulldogs have small ears, so make sure not to be tempted to draw longer ones. Next, you can draw the front legs on the bottom of the character using two more rectangles. Notice how both new shapes are slightly lower compared to the back legs.

How To Draw Cartoon Bulldogs

sketching the nose and the collar

Draw a simple collar made from a horizontal rectangle to separate the head and the body. In this case, the body is slightly bigger than the head. Inside this one, draw the nose using a perfect triangle. The pointed end should be facing the ground. Great work! As you can see, drawing cartoon bulldogs using basic shapes is really easy! ;)

How To Draw Cartoon Bulldogs

drawing a beautiful face using more simple shapes

Add two small circles to form the eyes of the bulldog. Make sure these shapes are close to each other. For the mouth, a long straight line is used. The mouth and the nose are connected with another short line. Below the paws, draw several small triangles.

How To Draw Cartoon Bulldogs

adding a few final details to the character

On top of both eyes, sketch a long straight line to form the eyebrows. Near the mouth, draw two long pointed teeth with sharp triangles. Inside the collar, you can add six small circles. Tiny triangles are needed on both sides of the object.

How To Draw Cartoon Bulldogs

cartoon bulldogs need colors!

This character is mostly filled with a variety of brown colors. Instead of using plain colors, you can add volume to the picture with gradients. As you can see below, the bottom of most shape is now darker than the top. Great work!

How To Draw Cartoon Bulldogs

Hopefully you had fun sketching and drawing this cute cartoon animal. More cool dogs from this site can be found below. These additional resources are offering new challenges perfect for artists of all ages. Don't forget to practice often and enjoy! :)

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