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How to Draw A Cartoon Bulldog that looks mad

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog That Looks Mad

This simple tutorial will help you learn to draw a cartoon bulldog. There is no doubt that this variety of dog doesn't really have a good reputation! Many have reported aggressions of bulldogs on human beings.

Still, when trained properly and carefully by someone who is experimented and devoted, bulldogs can be quite docile and friendly. But if they are trained for some obscure (and not very legitimate) reasons, these dogs can become deadly weapons. Let's try to draw a ferocious bulldog right now!

Step 1

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

First, draw a square to create the jaw. Then, add a circle to form the head. Make it a little bigger than the square. Your illustration should look an unfinished like a skull right now.

Step 2

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

Continue working on the face by drawing a rectangle to illustrate the eyes. Below this rectangle, add an oval shape to form the nose of your animal. Once you are done, Draw another circle outside the first one. It will be used to create the collar of the bulldog later in this tutorial.

Step 3

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

Now the fun part! Sketch two rectangles on each side of the jaw to illustrate the dewlaps of your dog. Once you are done, draw two small rectangles on top of the forehead to create the ears. Finally, complete the collar by adding lines around it. We will draw some spikes on these lines later on.

Step 4

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

The body of your character has to be large and round. The legs in front can be sketched with two big rectangles. For the back legs, draw a circle with a rectangle on the bottom to form the foot. Do so on each side of your bulldog.

Step 5

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

Time to make your animal look really mean and angry! Work on the outline of the head of your character. Make the bottom part of the jaw rounder. For the nose, make the top rounder too, but draw the bottom pointed and narrow. The ears should be small and curved.

Step 6

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

Sketch some nice, menacing spikes around the collar of your dog. You can also add the pupils and work on the dewlaps!

Step 7

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

Finally, work on the body by adding nails to the dog's paws. You can also work on the outline of the body and the back legs.

Step 8

How To Draw A Cartoon Bulldog

And there you have it! A nice cartoon bulldog ready to take a bite. Don't hesitate to draw another version of your dog, but this time, try to make it look more friendly. You can also try more cute characters below. Have fun!

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