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How to Draw A Cartoon Boy that looks adorable

How To Draw A Cartoon Boy That Looks Adorable

Learn how to draw a cartoon boy with cool blond hair and a nice smile in this easy to follow six step drawing tutorial. Drawing a young boy and an adult might seem like a similar exercise at first. However, to make sure that your kid will look like one (and not like a short adult), there are a couple of rules to follow.

First, you can draw a head that is bigger compared to the rest of the body. Then, the legs should be larger and shorter. The hairstyle will also help you design a character that doesn't look like an old man disguised like a kid. Finally, you can create larger feet and bigger hands in order to illustrate the perfect boy.

You can start sketching this cartoon character using the video lesson below. The written version is also available below the video. Have fun drawing this cute boy and don't hesitate to be creative! :)

Let's start with the head and the upper part of the body

First, you can sketch a large oval shape to illustrate the head. This shape is drawn vertically. Next, draw a small neck using a cylinder. Once you are done with these body parts, you can add the torso using a rectangle. Curved lines are used to sketch the top and bottom of this new shape.

How to Draw A Cartoon Boy

drawing the arms and the legs

The arms are represented by curved rectangles. Make sure that the junction with both shoulders is perfect. Since we are creating a cartoon boy, you can draw smaller arms. For the legs, a simple rectangle is used. The bottom part is created with a simple curved line.

How to Draw A Cartoon Boy

adding the ears and a nice haircut

On top of the head, you can draw hair using small curved lines. These lines are forming tons of small triangular shapes. Next, create the ears using more small curved lines. Nice work! This character looks amazing so far.

How to Draw A Cartoon Boy

drawing more body parts on the cartoon boy

Inside the head, you can complete the bottom part of the hair using more small broken lines. Next, draw the eyes using large oval shapes. Pupils are made from dots. For the nose and the mouth, you can use thin curved lines.

Once you are done creating the face of the character, you can sketch the hands as shown in the illustration below. Only four fingers are visible for each hand. Complete this step by adding the feet using oval shapes.

How to Draw A Cartoon Boy

working with colors

It's always fun to bring an illustration to life using plain colors. For this lesson, the character is wearing a green shirt and brown pants. A darker brown color is applied on the shoes. The cartoon boy is blond.

How to Draw A Cartoon Boy

adding gradients to create more depth and volume

You can add more volume to the subject by adding gradients. As you can see below, most shapes used to form the boy are now darker on the bottom. This step is definitely not mandatory, but it's a nice addition to the illustration.

How to Draw A Cartoon Boy

Great work! We are now done with this lesson on how to draw a boy that looks adorable. You can see all steps needed to draw this fun character below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Boy That Looks Adorable

I hope you had fun sketching this cute cartoon character. Why not try more fun characters from this site using a few samples below? Most of these additional resources are easy to illustrate and perfect for artists of all levels. Have fun and happy drawing! :)

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