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How to Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball with fun effects

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball With Fun Effects

A cartoon bowling ball is definitely an easy object to illustrate. After all, simply draw a large circle with three small shapes inside and you are done, right? Well ... yes and no. In this lesson, I will also show you a few simple tips to make your illustration visually more interesting.

Of course, you can still use the technique described above and end up with a satisfying result. But adding a few simple effects can help create a 3D object without having to use complex digital software. Ready? Let's see how we can draw a basic bowling ball using all steps found below.

drawing the silhouette using a large circle

First, you can sketch the silhouette of the object using a large circular shape. Making this shape as perfect as possible can be a good idea. Don't hesitate to polish your shape as much as needed. Drawing several circles on top of each other can help reach the perfect shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball

adding holes inside the ball

Now that the external shape is completed, you can draw three small holes inside the bowling ball. The two holes located on top can be close to each other. The last hole (the hole located on the bottom part of the object) must be slightly further from the others.

As we did in the previous step, it can be a good idea to sketch perfect circular shapes using several thin lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball

creating a little bit of depth inside all three holes

Inside all three holes, you can draw small curved lines to create reflections. These new shapes will be filled with a brighter color later in this tutorial. This should make the image easier to read and help create more volume. For this lesson, I have created all three new shapes on the top (and left) area of the circles. It's a subtle addition that can make a huge difference.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball

drawing a large reflection on top of the object

Now that we are done working around and inside all three holes, let's sketch a simple reflection on top of the cartoon bowling ball. This new highlight is made from two long curved lines. Since this object is made from shiny materials, it's important to illustrate that fact using a solid reflection made from bright elements. Nice work. This object is now completed. All we need to do is add colors and effects to finish this lesson.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball

adding plain colors to the cartoon bowling ball

For this tutorial, let's use a dark black color inside the object. Subtle gray colors are used for the large reflection on top and on the thick area located inside all three holes. Just to help you see how colors are added on the bowling ball, let's leave all holes white for now.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball

using simple effects to complete this fun tutorial

Now that you know how colors were added inside the cartoon bowling ball, you can add a basic black color inside the holes. The subtle reflections around all three holes are still visible. For the large reflection on top of the object, simply make sure that this one is progressive and partially invisible on both ends. Nice job! We are done creating this fun image.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball

I hope you had fun drawing this ball using all simple steps above. You can now draw more versions using various colors and effects. Indeed, you can easily draw more reflections or even play with textures if you want to. Just be creative and draw more balls like this one!

If you still need help with this tutorial, then feel free to use the picture below as a guideline. This image contains all steps required to draw our bowling ball in just minutes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bowling Ball

Now that this lesson is completed, you are invited to draw more objects from various sports using the tutorials found below. Some of these lessons are quite simple while others are offering fun challenges involving textures, patterns and effects not available in this bowling lesson. Have fun drawing and practice as often as needed. :)

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