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How to Draw A Cartoon Boss with a nice suit

How To Draw A Cartoon Boss With A Nice Suit

Drawing a cool cartoon boss might feel like an impossible mission. Indeed, bosses don't always have a good reputation. Sometimes they are not friendly or comprehensive, but most of the time they are. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a boss dressed with a nice suit and not much hair.

Of course, once the lesson is over you can always draw more versions using different features. You can draw an angry boss, a happy boss or a female boss. The choice is up to you. Ready? Let's start this lesson now by proceeding with the first step ...

working on the head and the body

Just like most characters that we draw, starting with the head can be a good idea. For this simple boss, you can use a large circular shape. Then, sketch a simple rectangle below the head. Notice how the new shape is made from curved lines on top and near the bottom. Also, you can see that the shoulders are the same width as the head.

How To Draw A Cartoon Boss

adding thick legs and feet

Below the rectangle used to form the body, you can draw legs made from long straight lines. For this lesson, you can sketch thick legs. Finally, complete this step by drawing two simple feet made mostly from curved lines. Great! This lesson on how to draw a cartoon boss is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cartoon Boss

drawing two large arms from more curved lines

On both sides of the body, you can draw arms using curved lines. Then, sketch hands using a few basic fingers. Since it's just a cartoon character, adding weird proportions is legitimate. No one could have a large head, short arms and thick legs like our subject in real life.

How To Draw A Cartoon Boss

it's time to work on the facial features

Inside the head, you can draw large eyes using oval shapes. Pupils are made from dots. The nose and the mouth are created from simple lines. A large beard is also added around the mouth. For the ears, small curved lines are required. A little bit of hair is added on top of the head. Complete this step with the creation of a basic tie.

How To Draw A Cartoon Boss

adding simple colors

It's time to bring this fun character to life. Indeed, adding colors is the best way to improve the level of cuteness for a cartoon illustration. It's also the easiest part to achieve! :)

For this version of a cartoon boss, you can start by adding a dark blue color inside the shirt. For the pants, a black color is needed. The hair, the beard and the shoes can be brown. The eyes and the tie can be white.

How To Draw A Cartoon Boss

working with gradients

One simple thing we can do to add more depth and volume to the subject is play with gradients. Adding a second color to each shape is easy and very effective. This effect can be seen below (except inside the black pants).

How To Draw A Cartoon Boss

Great work! Feel free to try more cool characters from this site below. Practicing is the key so don't hesitate to draw as often as possible. Sketching various characters is a good exercise to help you develop different skills and abilities. Enjoy! :)

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