How to Draw A Cartoon Book

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Learn how to draw a cartoon book filled with simple details, great effects and subtle colors! Drawing an open book can be simple or complicated depending on the expected result. In this lesson, our goal is to illustrate a realistic book (but still cartoonish) filled with simple effects easy to achieved using a vector application.

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 1

First, you can sketch the book using simple shapes, lines and outlines. Some of these lines are already colored, but you can simply draw black lines for now too. Once this book is drawn, proceed to the next step. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 2

It's now time to add colors. Pages can be filled with a subtle yellow color and the book itself can be colored in blue. Pages that are behind the front ones must be filled with a darker yellow color. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 3

Select the gradient tool and add a second color to the cover of the book so that the bottom of this one is darker than the top. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 4

Next, create some text inside the pages. A mould tool (or something similar depending on your application) can be used to wrap the text in a shape that is similar to the one of the page. On the bottom of the cover, draw a darker shape to create shadows. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 5

Cool!  Behind all pages, sketch another large rectangle filled with a dark blue color. Use transparency to partially hide the top of this shape. Then, duplicate the circular shape on the bottom of the cover and fill this one with the same dark blue color used earlier. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 6

In this simple step, simply draw a large rectangle filled in white and play with the opacity to make this one slightly transparent on top.

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 7

Inside both front pages, draw darker shapes filled with a dark yellow color. Use transparency to blur the outlines on the outside of these shapes. You can see the result in step number eight. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 8

Using the same technique as the one used in the previous step, this time you can create darker areas on the left and the right of these pages. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

Step 9

Finally, draw a long white shape in the middle of each pages like shown below. Make sure that the outlines are also blurred. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

This cool cartoon book is now ready to be read! :)

Nice job! This cool cartoon book is now ready to be read! Drawing such an illustration is feasible if you already have some knowledge about using a vector application. If not, you can also use this lesson to draw a similar design using pencils or markers. Have fun! :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Book

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