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How to Draw Cartoon Birds in six easy steps

Drawing cute cartoon birds using basic shapes can be a fun exercise. Indeed, birds are cool animals to illustrate since you don't have to deal with complex body parts like legs and fingers. The head and body can be done using oval shapes while the rest of the animal is filled with simple details. In this lesson, you will learn to create an adorable bird in just six easy steps.

Did you know that some birds, like pigeons, can fly at 100 miles per hour? Others like falcons can reach the astonishing speed of 200 miles per hour! Yes, birds are impressive creatures. Also, it's fun to note that the particular color of wild flamingos, pink, might be due to the fact that they eat lots of shrimp. Cool, don't you think? ;)

Let's see what to expect from this subject

Not all birds are alike, but you can definitely find lots of similarities between species. For this part of the lesson, let's study a cute blue and white budgie. All birds have a pointed beak (1) that is usually pretty hard. Some beaks are long and thin while others are rather large and small.

Patterns can also be seen on some birds (2). Of course, these amazing creatures all have wings (3). Feathers can be filled with bright colors (4). Once again, most birds are gifted with tiny feet (5). Let's not forget the tail that is usually very useful when birds are flying.

How To Draw Cartoon Birds

seeing through this bird using basic shapes

Now that we have studied this cute budgie using a real photograph, let's take a look at the shapes required to illustrate this fun character. This step is crucial if you want to learn how to draw cartoon birds quickly and easily. The body is done using a large oval shape.

The head is made from a simple oval shape (not quite perfect, but still effective). For the wings, you can use long curved lines. The beak is represented by a small triangle while the eye is made using a dot. Feet are small and created using more short lines. Great! Now that we are more familiar with birds, let's draw one!

How To Draw Cartoon Birds

drawing our fun animal in just six easy steps

First, let's draw a template made from basic shapes to help us draw accurate proportions. It's just a cartoon bird, but precision is still important. The body is made from two thin rectangles. Next, you can draw both eyes using medium circles. A long beak made from thin curved lines is added below the eyes.

Continue sketching this character by adding pointed wings. Legs and feet are made from simple thin rectangles. A long tail made from thick lines is added behind the cartoon animal. Once you are finished, you can add colors using gradients. It's the easiest way to create depth in just a few seconds.

How To Draw Cartoon Birds

More cartoon birds to help you draw fun characters

Birds can come in many shapes, colors and textures. The character that we just draw was a lot of fun (3), but you can definitely try more versions if you want to improve your drawing abilities. The first character is mostly made from round shapes. Pretty easy if you don't feel like working with a complicated picture.

The second one is more challenging because of the posture. The fourth one is similar to the first one, only less details are displayed. If you want to draw a character with attitude, then the fifth one is a nice option. The last one offers a large beak and a long tail for those looking for something different.

How To Draw Cartoon Birds

Do you want to draw more fun birds? No problem! You can try these six alternatives below if you want a real challenge. All these lessons are accessible to anyone, so have fun drawing cute cartoon birds and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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