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How to Draw A Cartoon Bee in a flying posture

Let's draw a cartoon bee that looks fun and appealing using basic shapes, lines and colors. This lesson is perfect for those looking for a simple tutorial that can be done in just a few easy steps. Did you know that in its lifetime, a worker bee will make around 1 teaspoon of honey? In one trip, a honey bee will land on 75 different flowers?

Or that honey is made of 25% water and 75% sugars? Yes, there are many fun facts that we can learn from these amazing creatures that are essential for life (through pollinisation). Without bees, life as we know it wouldn't be possible.

Now that we are more familiar with this exotic creature, let's start with this video tutorial that can help you draw our subject in just a few minutes. This fun resource should help you figure out my creative process and learn more on how to draw this insect using a few easy steps.

let's study a real bee!

Bees are very easy to recognize. They have a sting (1), a black and yellow abdomen (2) and small forelegs (3). They also have small antenna on the head and sharp mouth parts (4). The two wings (5) are located near the head. Also, even if it's not clear in this picture, the bee has two middle legs and two hind legs. They are colored in yellow with black stripes being added to the middle part of the body. Notice the irregular shape of the wings and the dark color that is covering the head and the front legs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bee

analyzing this real bee using basic shapes

This bee is made of simple shapes. A circle is used for the head, another one for the body (or the abdomen) and triangles for the wings. The foreleg is made of four small rectangles. In this example, we are not able to see the fourth one since it is located under the body of the bee.

The antenna is made of a line (with a junction in the middle). A small triangle will represent the sting (once again, it's under the bee, so not visible from this angle). It can be a fun exercise to try illustrating this creature using only basic shapes from various angles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bee

how to draw the cartoon bee in six easy steps

I have selected a simple bee for this example. Start by drawing two circles, one for the head and another one for the body. Notice how the circle representing the head is irregular. Next, draw the two wings using rectangles. These rectangles should be rounder near the end. The part near the body should be a little narrower.

Then, draw the front legs and the back legs. The eyes and the pupils are made from perfect circles. Add the antennas (with circles near both ends) and draw some lines on the body to form the stripes. The bee clipart must be filled with a bright yellow color on the body. Both wings can be blue while antennas are red. You can also use gradients to create a little bit of depth inside your image.

How To Draw A Cartoon Bee

more models that you can try!

Drawing cartoon bees should not be so difficult once your practice a little. You can try to draw a more realistic bee (5) or try a more funny looking one (1). Don't hesitate to play with each part of this insect to create original drawings (4). A standing version with a lower head can also be a fun alternative. These are only simple sketches, but you can definitely improve these images by adding colors, textures and simple effects. Nice job!

How To Draw A Cartoon Bee

Want to try more cute cartoon bees? No problem! This site is loaded with cool versions that can be drawn in jut a few easy steps. Don't forget to practice often and you can also use the home page to find more cool bee images to work with (or any other themes you can think of).

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