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How to Draw A Cartoon Baseball using simple tips

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball Using Simple Tips

Drawing a cartoon baseball might seem like a simple thing to do (and it can be). However, adding a few simple fun effects to create a more appealing object can be slightly more challenging. It's not just about sketching a large circle and adding a few basic stitches.

Baseball is probably one the most popular sports in the United States (including football). Although it is definitely not a high pace game, it's certainly a complex one to master and follow. Let's see how we can illustrate the ball found on this page using only a few simple steps and some exclusive tips. :)

drawing a large circle to begin with

First, let's draw a large circle. Even if it's not a perfect shape, it doesn't really matter. After all, a baseball can be severely damaged after being hit several times during a game. As long as you don't end up with an oval shape, it will be fine. Just use all the space you can while sketching this initial shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball

adding small circles on the main silhouette

Next, draw four small circles on the main silhouette. As you can see below, both circles on top are a little bit closer to each other. The same thing can be said for both circles located on the bottom.

These new additions will be used to illustrate the small bumps created by the stitches. You can see the new elements below (with a temporary red outline).

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball

polishing the silhouette of the cartoon baseball

You can now join all four circles and the main shape together to create a nice silhouette. The circles located inside the object can be erased. Only the bumps on the outline are still visible. Great! We are done working with the exterior of the ball. Let's proceed with the next step and see how we can enhance the interior using more simple shapes and lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball

sketching two long curved lines

Inside the ball, you can draw two long curved lines as shown below. Make sure that these two lines are curved near the middle of the object. However, it's also important to make sure that these lines are not touching each other. Nice work! This basic lesson on how to draw a cartoon baseball is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball

drawing several short stitches

It's now time to draw several small stitches on the lines created in the previous step. As you can see below, nine stitches were added on each line. These stitches are made from short curved lines. Small dots are also drawn near both ends. Finally, make sure that these lines are following the movement of the curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball

adding gradients to the illustration

You can complete this tutorial by adding gradients to the illustration. As you can see below, the bottom part of the ball is filled with a light gray color. The top of the object remains white. The stitches are filled with a dark gray color. The small dots visible on the stitches are also colored in gray.

Excellent work! This tutorial on how to draw a baseball is now completed. Your next challenge could be to sketch more versions of this object using various angles. You could also add some textures, play with colors or draw a player holding the ball. Just have fun and be creative!

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball

Below, you can see a large illustration filled with all steps required to draw this ball properly. This image is useful if you prefer to see all steps at once. If you are still struggling, then you can also go back to the video found on top of this page. Using all resources available on this page to create this object is definitely a great idea.

How To Draw A Cartoon Baseball

I hope you had fun with this drawing lesson. Now that we are done with this baseball, you are invited to draw more fun objects related to the wonderful world of sports. These additional resources are offering fun challenges for everyone. Some of these objects are also featuring complex shadows and textures that are fun to draw. Enjoy all these fun links and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. :)

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