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how to draw a cartoon banana ready to be eaten

How to draw a cartoon banana

Let's learn how to draw a cartoon banana using only a few curved lines and a small selection of solid plain colors. Bananas are one of the most popular fruit in the world. Although they are mostly growing in hot conditions, these delicious fruits are exported throughout the world. Cheap and easy to transform, bananas are the subject of this simple step-by-step lesson featuring a short video and a written version of this tutorial. Ready? Let's start now ...

How to draw a banana using a short video

You can start your journey on how to draw a banana by taking a look at the short video found below. All steps needed to illustrate this adorable fruit are available. If you need more information of prefer to use still images to create your artwork, then simply proceed with the written version of this lesson below ...

A nice cartoon banana made in just four easy steps

Already ... it's time to draw! First, you can sketch a few curved lines to create a basic template that will be used to adjust all proportions and help us draw a nice and realistic illustration. This fruit is relatively simple to create, so only a few basic lines are required. You can see the one I have created for this tutorial below.

How to draw a cartoon banana

Good work! It's now time to draw the banana itself. The shape is pretty similar to the template created earlier, but the tip of the subject is slightly more complex. As long as the general shape of the fruit is recognizable, then you are ready to proceed with the next step.

How to draw a cartoon banana

We can erase all gray lines created in the first step. These strokes were only used to help us draw nice proportions and place the subject inside the working area. Now the most important step is coming up: adding colors so that we can bring this picture to another level.

How to draw a cartoon banana

Five different colors are needed. First, you need a dark brown color and a light green one to be used on both ends of the fruit. For the body of the banana, three different colors ranging from yellow to orange are needed. The darkest color is added on the bottom of the illustration while the brightest version is applied near the top.

How to draw a cartoon banana

a nice banana drawn in just a few minutes

Below you can see all steps required to create a nice banana. If you want to go one step further, you can try drawing an opened version of a banana. You can also try adding various textures or simply sketch more bananas together to create a more appealing drawing. Just unleash your creativity and have fun!

How to draw a cartoon banana

Now that this lesson is completed, why not try more delicious lessons featuring nice fruits from this site. Some of these lessons are easy and accessible while others are slightly more challenging. Keep practicing and have fun drawing. :)

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