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How to Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer with a fun posture

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer With A Fun Posture

You can learn to draw a cartoon ballet dancer that looks great using this simple step-by-step lesson featuring an adorable character. To be a good dancer, you need to be agile, have some flexibility and be able to move elegantly. Being a ballet dancer isn't an easy task!

Drawing a ballet dancer is also slightly challenging! The female body is delicate and made with many curved lines. You need to be able to pay attention to details and make sure that your character is accurate and drawn gracefully. I hope that you will enjoy this drawing lesson and don't hesitate to play with the posture of your character.

Ready? Let's start this lesson now ...

starting with a simple template made from basic shapes

First, you can sketch a template made from basic shapes to help you organize your illustration. It's time to adjust the posture, make sure proportions are accurate and locate the character in your work space. Let's start with the head using a small oval shape. You can also draw one ear and the neck.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer

sketching the body and the arms

Below the neck, you can add a body using a simple rectangle. The breast of the character is done using circles. Both arms are up in the air and made from thin rectangles. Both hands are horizontal and represented by tiny oval shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer

adding the outfit and the legs

The outfit is made from simple curved lines. Just like we did for the arms, the legs are done using thin rectangles. Feet are illustrated with small oval shapes. Notice how the left foot is horizontal while the right one is vertical. Great! This cartoon ballet dancer is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer

it's time to polish the character using smooth lines

Now that we have a template to work with, you can draw the dancer using nice smooth lines. Notice how the chin of the character is delicate and pointed. Simple hair is added on top of the head. The neck is long and thin. A few fingers are added on both hands. The top of the dress is also drawn using curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer

more curved lines are needed to draw the subject

The bottom of the dress is created using four simple curved lines. You can also polish the legs using more curved lines. Both feet are tiny and pointed near the end. Make sure the posture is still relevant and the proportions accurate.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer

adding more details to complete the cartoon ballet dancer

More hair can be drawn behind the head of the ballet dancer using long curved lines. Inside the eyes, you can draw pupils using tiny dots. The mouth and the nose are created from short lines. Two more subtle lines are needed to complete the breast. Nice work! Two additional steps are needed to achieve our goal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer

let's bring this character to life using colors

Nothing is more exciting than adding colors to an illustration we have just created. In this step, the character is literally brought to life. This blonde character is wearing pink clothes. Some parts of the suit are darker while others are slightly brighter.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer

using gradients to create more volume

One easy thing we can do to create more depth inside the image is to play with gradients. Notice how shapes and body parts found inside the character are now depicted with darker and brighter versions of the same color. For example, the dress is darker near the top and brighter on the bottom. It's a simple, but effective tip to create something visually more appealing.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer With A Fun Posture

that's it! This cute character is now completed!

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute cartoon ballet dancer using simple lines, shapes and colors. Like I said earlier, don't hesitate to draw more versions using various postures. You can also change the colors, the patterns, the hairstyle or even add simple textures. Possibilities are endless!

How To Draw A Cartoon Ballet Dancer With A Fun Posture

Below you will find more cool characters related to the wonderful world of sports. Have fun drawing and don't forget to sketch on a daily basis if you want to improve your abilities quickly and easily. :)

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