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How to Draw A Cartoon Ball using fun examples

Drawing a cartoon ball can be quite easy. You just need to sketch a circle and add one color to it. To make things more interesting, you can also create a nice shadow on your ball to illustrate a 3D effect. However, balls can be drawn using various textures, patterns and colors. In this lesson, I will show you to draw a variety of balls using simple and fun tutorials.

We are also not limited to round balls. Indeed, you will also have the opportunity to draw a football. All these simple objects are filled with various challenges that can be intimidating in some cases. Let's start this series with a very basic option ...

drawing a ball made from a simple circle

If you want to sketch something simple, then this lesson on how to draw a ball made from basic colors is perfect for you. First, simply draw a circle colored in red. Next, add gradients to create volume inside the illustration. Make sure to use a circular fill.

Once you are done, you can sketch two more stripes to end up with a colorful ball (just like shown below). That's the simplest cartoon ball you can draw!

Drawing A Ball Made From A Simple Circle
Drawing A Ball Made From A Simple Circle
Drawing A Ball Made From A Simple Circle

creating a football from long curved lines

Are you looking for something more challenging? Great! This cartoon football should be a good start. First, draw an oval shape with round ends. Then, separate the shape in two. You can also draw two stripes on the upper part of the object.

Next, sketch a stripe covered with stitches near the middle. Finally, complete this tutorial by adding colors and gradients to the object. The football must be brown and darker near the bottom. All stripes and stitches are white.

Creating A Football From Long Curved Lines

drawing a baseball in six easy steps

This next lesson is featuring a cartoon baseball made from multiple circles and lines. Start by drawing a large circle to form the silhouette of the subject. Inside this one, add four small circles as shown below. Then, polish the silhouette by joining all shapes together.

Next, draw two long curved lines inside the image. Stitches can also be drawn on the lines using small curved lines and dots. Complete this tutorial by adding gradients.

Drawing A Baseball In Six Easy Steps

How about creating a fun basketball filled with cool textures

Our next object is also filled with cool digital effects. For this lesson, let's sketch a cartoon basketball filled with amazing textures. Like all previous lessons, let's start with a basic shape. Next, add multiple lines inside the object. You can see the required patterns below.

Then, bring the basketball to life using a dark orange color. Once you are done, add several small dots inside the object to form a basic texture. Complete this lesson with the addition of a large white reflection and gradients.

How About Creating A Fun Basketball Filled With Cool Textures

sketching a soccer ball with a 3D aspect

Once again, start with lesson on how to draw a soccer ball by sketching a perfect circle. Inside this one, draw a vertical line and a horizontal one. In the middle of the object, draw a hexagon made from subtle curved lines. Next, draw three pentagons next to the hexagon.

Complete the pattern by drawing more similar shapes on the soccer ball. The pentagons must be black and the hexagons white. You can also use gradients to create some depth and volume.

Sketching A Soccer Ball With A 3D Aspect

A simpler cartoon ball using this tennis lesson

For this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon tennis ball, you need to start with another perfect circle. Inside the object, draw a long curved line to create a pattern similar to what you can see below. Next, add a bright green color. Make sure that the line inside the tennis ball is white.

Then, add gradients to create more volume. You can complete this lesson by adding textures. Great! Another cute cartoon ball has been created!

A Simpler Object Using This Tennis Lesson

drawing a cartoon bowling ball filled with dark colors

This final tutorial is featuring a cartoon bowling ball created with basic shapes and filled with dark colors. First, draw the usual circular shape. Inside this one, sketch three more circles (you can see where in the image found below).

Next, add depth to the subject by sketching shadows inside the small holes and on the right side of the cartoon ball. Finally, add dark and bright colors to create contrast and complete this basic lesson.

Drawing A Cartoon Bowling Ball Filled With Dark Colors

I hope you had fun learning to draw these simple balls made from basic shapes, textures and colors. Most of these lessons were pretty easy while others were slightly more difficult.

Now that these objects are drawn, you are invited to create the people who are using them. Have fun sketching and don't forget to practice as often as possible. It's the key to success! :)

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