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How to Draw A Cartoon Badger made from basic shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Badger Made From Basic Shapes

Learn to draw a cartoon badger that looks adorable using only basic shapes in this fun tutorial. I will show you how to illustrate this intriguing animal using mostly squares, rectangles and triangles. Only the eyes will be created from small dots.

Each animal is unique and it is easier to capture the physical uniqueness of each character when this one is drawn using fewer details and simple and basic shapes. It's true that the badger might not be the most popular animal on earth.

In fact, you might not even be familiar with this cute little animal that does look like a big rat with funny stripes. Some say that this animal is closely related to the skunk. They do have many physical similarities! Ready? Let's start this lesson on how to draw a simple badger now.

sketching the head and the body first

Let's start this lesson with the addition of the body and the head. Both body parts are made from small rectangles placed on top of each other. The rectangle used to represent the body must be slightly taller. Don't forget to leave some space around these shapes so that we can add more body parts.

How To Draw A Cartoon Badger

adding the legs and other fun parts

On both sides of the character, you can draw simple legs using tiny rectangles. Inside the body, two more shapes are created. The one on the bottom consists of a square used to form the patch on the chest. Above this shape, draw a small square to illustrate the nose.

How To Draw A Cartoon Badger

slowly building the cartoon badger using more simple shapes

You can sketch two small squares on top of the head to form the ears. In front of the subject (near the bottom), two more rectangles are needed to create the feet. On the back of the animal, you can also draw a tail using another small rectangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Badger

Converting a simple animal into a badger

So far, the character could be any animal you could think of. A tiger, a lion, a cat ... possibilities are endless. It's now time to work inside the head and draw a few things that can help us recognize the animal.

First, draw the eyes using large dots (or small circles). In this example, eyes are located on the top part of the head. Then, you can add simple patches around the eyes. Simply look at the picture below to make sure the shape is accurate.

How To Draw A Cartoon Badger

simple details that can be added inside the paws

One last thing we can do before adding colors inside the cartoon badger is sketch small lines inside the paws. These shorts lines must be pointed and drawn in pairs. Nice work! The drawing aspect of this lesson is now completed.

How To Draw A Cartoon Badger

adding simple colors to complete this lesson

Badgers are usually colored in black and white. For this lesson, gradients were used to add a little bit more depth to the illustration. Notice how the body and legs have more volume now.

How To Draw A Cartoon Badger

I hope you had fun creating this unusual animal. You can find more exotic animals to work with below. Just practice on a daily basis and have fun creating. :)

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