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How to Draw Cartoon Babies that are just adorable

Drawing cartoon babies is a fun exercise if you want to learn to sketch people without having to worry about accurate proportions. Indeed, babies are unique since they usually have larger heads, tiny bodies and small hands and feet. These singular features are easy to use when drawing cartoon characters. You can sketch larger heads and small body parts without being worried about realism. Just exaggerate a few elements and have fun!

On a fun note, did you know that most babies are born with blue eyes. This will change for most of them within the first months. It's also cool to notice that the weight of a baby usually double within six months. Also intriguing is the fact that babies are born without kneecaps. Once again, this part of the body will appear later on. Great! Now that we are more familiar with our subject, let's see how we can draw a cartoon baby that looks cool and appealing in just a few easy steps.

studying the anatomy of our baby illustration

Drawing babies is not so difficult if you already know how to draw a man. You just need to change your proportions a little bit! This cute kid has some hair on top of the head (1), nice and soft skin (2), big and firm legs (4) and a pacifier (5) to help mommy and daddy sleep! The suit of our cartoon character (3) is colored in blue and is filled with a lovely pattern. Don't forget the small nose, tiny ears and light eyebrows.

This version is a little bit harder to illustrate since the character is standing and walking with both arms wide opened. Therefore, I will only use this version to help us study the external anatomy of babies and how proportions should be dealt with.

How To Draw Cartoon Babies

let's see how this baby was created

Speaking of the importance of proportions, let's take a closer look at this cute cartoon character. As you can see below, the head is made from a large circular shape. The body is longer, but slightly narrower. Arms and legs are created using tiny rectangles. Only the top of both legs are done using larger circles. Similar shapes are needed to represent the hands and feet.

Notice that more small circles can be used to draw the eyes, the ears and the nose. Adding a single hair on top of the head as well as a pacifier near the mouth of the subject is a good idea to help the reader identify the character quickly.

How To Draw Cartoon Babies

Drawing our baby in just six easy steps

Ready for this lesson? Great! You can start by sketching the head using a large oval shape. The body is made from a narrow triangle. Then, you can draw both feet using perfect oval shapes. In the fourth step, you can work on the facial features using more basic elements. Both eyes are made from tiny dots.

Ears are created from circles. The mouth and the nose are sketched with simple lines. Don't forget to draw the pacifier! On top of the head, you can work on the hair. A nice belly button is needed above the diaper. You can add colors inside the illustration using gradients. The pacifier is blue and socks are orange.

How To Draw Cartoon Babies

Working with more cartoon babies

You can work on more cartoon babies as shown in the image below. The first one is pretty similar to the version we created in the previous step. The next one is mostly made from rectangles. Both arms are also wide open. The third one is definitely funnier. The head is very large, just like the eyes and the pupils. The last one is also cute, but the shape of the head is kind of weird. These cartoon babies are all easy to sketch, so feel free to try them as you wish.

How To Draw Cartoon Babies

Looking for more cute characters to illustrate? Great! Enjoy cute cartoons related to family below and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. Have fun! :)

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